Expecting Sawyer

She makes such a beautiful pregnant momma. Can’t wait to see her little one!

This Year She’s All Smiles!

There were smiles last year but they were a LOT harder to get! Now she smiles a ton as she runs around and explores.

A Few More Peeks

Trying to put up some more peeks so I’m not torturing anyone!

Sweet Boy


Baby Hannah


Lots of Adorableness!

I just love how Miss E’s baby doll made it into so many pictures. I think it’s precious!

Rain, Wind & Humidity

This poor family books their session early every year and somehow it seems like that when the day comes there is some kind of an issue with the weather. This year we watched the rain and were happy when it looked like it was moving out of the area. Which it did…..BUT, that meant major humidity was left in it’s place.
Next year we are due for some amazing weather!


Galveston Family Session

October is where it gets so busy that the sneak peeks usually get put aside so I’m trying to throw some small peeks up today :-)

Park Time


The R Family

Mr. J wasn’t too sure about having a camera around but he warmed up and we were able to sneak quite a few smiles out of him. Such gorgeous blue eyes!

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