The Hunter Family

We did these pictures in my favorite field. It’s where I first started taking pictures 10 years ago and as of a few days ago it’s just about all cleared! I wanted to cry. I knew they were working on part of it but they cleared the.whole.thing to build houses!

Introducing Rhett

What a perfect addition to this sweet family.

Mr. Smiley

He is at such a cute age. Lots of big smiles when being talked to and especially when it’s his mom or dad!

35 Weeks…

..and she looks amazing. Such a sweet family of three that will be even sweeter with four :-)


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A New Baby Brother

Such a sweet baby that slept like a charm for us!

Baby Eli

What a great way to end the year! With a sweet, sweet smiley baby!

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Double the Cuteness

Since I’m in the middle of the busy season I should cut the sneak peeks down to just a few pictures but when you have 2 adorable one-year-old twins it’s so hard. Just look how cute they are!!

The Gorgeous C Family

I adore them!!! So sweet and beautiful!


Maternity Shoot With Big Brother

Big brother may be a canine but he’s a big part of this adorable family. So fun to include him in their maternity pics!

So Good…

to see the H Family. Mackenzie went with me and was completely mesmerized by Mr. C. He would reach up for her to pick him up and she melted at his sweetness. And even though I hadn’t seen Ms. K in a year she is so outgoing and we always pick right back up and talk and play as if it’s only been a few months. IMG_7057-001ps2web2web1-001IMG_7257-002web2