Dustin | Alvin High School Senior 2017

I’ve known his parents for years and hadn’t seen him in a long time so it was a shock to hear that he’s actually graduating this year! Loved that he wanted his dog in the pictures :-)

The G Family | Pearland Newborn Photographer

Sweet family that I got to hang out with for the first time last week. They have an adorable 2-yr-old boy and their newborn daughter. Both did so amazing for me. Both of the B&W pictures were a surprise to me. We didn’t plan either one and I don’t even remember taking those pictures but I adore them (especially big brother’s huge smile in the background)!

The C Family | Family Photography

This little guy wasn’t too sure about me but he’s adorable no matter if he’s smiling, staring me down or independently walking away but looking over his shoulder making sure someone is following him. Just take a look at those baby blues!

Baby Malachi | Newborn Photography

Honored to capture their 3rd baby boy! Momma is definitely outnumbered but I don’t think she minds. Just look at this sweet face!

The Russell Family

Great to see the Russell family for a yearly photo session. Their little guy is now on the move and so darn cute. He wasn’t too sure about me at first and was slow to smile but warmed up and eventually gave us lots of smiles. As you can see in the last picture (which was taken in the beginning) he was wondering who the strange lady was and why there was a big, black thing in front of my face pointed at him!


We decided to do pictures at their new bay home (which is gorgeous by the way) and it was extremely windy! We did lots of things trying to deal with the wind. We took pics down on the ground, beside the house, in the stairwell, under the house in a little nook, anywhere we could block it. The little guy had a great time being silly and I have some pictures of him that make me seriously LOL! Great catching up with you guys :-)

William & Family

I’ve been doing William’s pictures since he was a baby and it was great to meet his older siblings and sibling-in-law:-) They adore him and I’m so glad that everyone was in the same town and able to do a family session.

Alvin High School Senior 2017

Beautiful senior and some great locations! And the weather was gorgeous that day, too.

Clair | Pearland High School Senior 2017

I was extremely impressed by this beautiful senior girl. She has a love and commitment to her animals that goes deep. I was super excited when her mom told me that she wanted to include the animals and not only that we were doing pictures in a field full of wildflowers. LOVE!
I really enjoyed chatting and hanging out with you guys (and your animal babies)!

Aeneas | Pearland High School Senior 2017

I’ve known this handsome boy since he was a baby and can’t believe he’s all grown up! So excited for him that he’s going to continue playing baseball after high school and can’t wait to see what life has in store for him. Thanks for being such a trooper with your session!!