Reagen – Senior 2014


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Double the Sweetness


Mr. Yawns-a-Lot

This sweet baby boy did not want to miss a thing. If he did give it up and go to sleep it was a very, very light sleep and he’d pop back awake and see what he missed. I had to include some pictures of him yawning because he did it so much! Poor thing was so tired!

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Mr. L & Family

I thought it was pretty special that Mr. L had all of his family there. His mom’s side and dad’s side were all able to come together (even though some live out of state) for a few days and luckily fit in a photo session. So glad that it worked out :-)

Imperfect Pictures Make Me Smile :-)

The last picture isn’t perfect at all. His foot is up and covering part of his body and is out of focus but gosh this picture makes me smile. So cute!

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2014 Senior


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Baby No. 2

There has been an explosion of newborns lately (not that I’m complaining…it gives me a baby fix!) and so far it’s mostly boys. And super sweet boys. Some of them with doting siblings like Mr. C here in the pictures. His family adores him and big sister didn’t have any problems showing him love in front of the camera. It was wonderful to see and catch up with this family. I first met them when we did maternity pictures for their first child. They’ve gone from a family of 2 to a family of 4 and I feel incredibly lucky to get to document their growing family :) :):)

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K & C

I just can’t believe how big this sweet girl is getting. She’s the little one in the yellow flowers on the header picture of the blog from many, many years ago. And now she has a baby brother who is sweet as can be. I always look forward to seeing these kiddos and their parents. It seems like a big play date with some pictures thrown in!
Big brown eyes and lots of smiles through the years!

Reid is ONE!


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Family Session – Houston, Tx