Harper | Pearland Newborn Photographer

This precious girl has been through so much in her short life. Her parents moved to Houston for medical care for her before she was born and I’m so glad I got to meet them for maternity and newborn pictures. She had a bit of a NICU stay so was a little older than normal for her newborn pictures but she did great. Pure sweetness.

K & C

I met up with these cuties for a yearly photo shoot. They’d both gotten waaaayyyy taller and little man showed some major smarts. He wasn’t ready to be in any pictures but decided that if he played it right he could earn some coins if he cooperated. I’m not sure how many coins he ended up with but it was pretty funny watching him negotiate.

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Mother/Daughter Pics

Doesn’t get much sweeter than mother/daughter pictures. I wish I could go back in time and take pictures like this with my girls.
It’s always a treat to catch up with this momma and to see how Miss Emma has grown.


Isn’t he a cutie?! He did so good with family pictures, pictures with big brother and anything and everything we put him in and on. His dad has an interest in photography and has the same camera and lens that I was using so we had fun taking shots of him and then comparing our settings and angles.


Sweet Baby A

This little one was so little and perfect. He was alert quite a bit but would just look around and take it all in.

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Woodrow and His Humans

Both Woodrow the dog and his human brother, Wyatt, are beyond adorable. Wyatt smiled from the minute I walked up to him for easily over an hour plus. You can’t beat a wonderful family, a very happy little boy with dimples, and a just-groomed easygoing dog. It was great to meet all of you!!


The Pope Family

What this sweet family didn’t know when we met up was what a stressful two weeks I had up until that point. My dad was suddenly put in the hospital with lots of tests being run. He’s my mother’s primary caretaker at home so without him there I was running thin trying to either stay there to help care for her, run to the hospital to be there for his tests, shop for everything they needed, and try to hire more help to cover 24-hrs a day.
That particular day I had spent the majority of it interviewing people and running around. I was worried about how I would be able to perform as a photographer, especially with young children. I always want it to be fun for them but didn’t know if I had it in me or how it would go. In the beginning their son wasn’t into taking pictures and I really hoped that I could turn it around. By the end of it I was having fun and I’m pretty sure the kiddos were too! I drove away and thought that their session had completely lifted me out of the funk I had been in. I smiled on the way home and was so thankful that I had their family, on that day.

So, thank you Pope Family for meeting up with me and for being you. And especially for the sweet words Mr. D said to me when we were saying goodbye. :-)


It’s a Date Thing!

I’ve watched these crazy girls grow up and I love them! When we get together it’s not a photo session…it’s a date! And I can’t show up to the date by myself or I’m in a lot of trouble. They want at least one of my girls to come play too. I’ve always admired their mom for many reasons but especially because she lets them express who they are and encourages them to try things. This year they brought skateboards to ride and they always bring a prop to use in the pictures where they write the grade that they’re in in their own handwriting.
I had a blast with you guys As Always!


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Adalyn – One Year

There aren’t many pictures where this sweet girl isn’t smiling! She had such a happy, smiley disposition.


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