The K Family of 5

It was great to see this family and to see how much baby N has grown since his newborn session almost a year ago. He’s just the easiest little guy with such a happy disposition. There were some pretty high winds and scattered showers that day but luckily everything went really well and the kids did great! Hope y’all enjoy your peek :-)

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Sweet Sixteen

This gorgeous girl is about to be the Big “16″! She is such a treasure to her family as a daughter and sister and is always so nice to be around. Her parents are doing a great job :-)

Sweet Harper

I would love to take credit for this precious girls smile but I can’t. This girl LOVES her momma. She would smile for me some but as soon as her mom would get into her view she would light up!!
Please keep this sweet baby and her family in your prayers. She undergoes another surgery tomorrow at Texas Children’s Hospital.

What a Cutie!

What a great family to start off the new year with! They have 2 of the most adorable little boys that love each other and it’s really cute to see them interacting.

The Bloxom Family

It was great to meet these guys for the first time. Their kiddos are adorable. The older two adore their little brother and tried to help wrangle him but he wanted no part of being kept in one place.

Baby Will Make Three

There was rain and wind…LOTS of wind…but there was a super cute couple, a bright red sleigh and a huge Christmas tree with Christmas lights.

The Ashlin Family

I was both amazed and highly amused during this session. Their little one was only 10 and a half months old and walks, runs and climbs all over the place. It was more like he had the mobile experience of a two year old! Their older one had us rolling with laughter. He likes to come up with his own poses and they were pretty inventive. I’m actually really surprised that I even captured any pictures of the 2 boys together because of the shake my camera had to have had while I was laughing so hard. The second picture down shows exactly what I’m talking about. Their little guy liked to stand up in the rocking chair while their older son was busy coming up with and rocking his own poses.

Brooklynne Is One!

And she’s as cute as can be! Gorgeous blue eyes and a family that adores her.

The Cunningham Family

And both sets of grandparents and an aunt, uncle and cousin. I love when it works out for a photo shoot with extended family because I know how challenging it can be to coordinate a day that works for everyone! I felt bad for them because it was pretty chilly that day especially with the wind. They were troopers though.

Miss K and Family

Miss K is truly like a little doll. Such pretty little features and paired with the gorgeous light at the end of the session…LOVE!