Any senior that can do a standing backflip in the middle of a field of wildflowers while having her picture taken is impressive to me:) She is involved in lots of activities and we tried to incorporate them all. She also just got her brand new vehicle and we just had to do some pictures [...]

Another brother/sister set

These 2 really adore each other. They didn’t mind being close and i got a ton of pictures where they are just cracking each other up.


A Birthday Surprise

The dad of these 2 adorable kids contacted me to do a photo shoot for his wife as a birthday surprise…so sweet! I really hope that you guys like the sneak peek:)



I just wish I had looked this good pregnant! She’s having her first and when I was having my first I was “spread” as someone so nicely pointed out to me and the maternity clothing looked like a big tent with no end to the yards of fabric…yuck! She was such a good sport with [...]


It seems like just yesterday that I was taking newborn pics of this little guy. He’s grown so fast and I couldn’t wait to see him and see how he had changed since his newborn pictures. LOVE this age. He can sit up, lay and look at me, interact, yet can’t run or get away [...]

Beautiful new baby girl

I had fun hanging out with this sweet newborn and her mom. We were able to commiserate with each other about the challenges of raising little boys. On that note Drew has taken to locking people out of places…bedrooms, bathrooms, the front door:) He’s been quite the stinker lately. Good thing he’s so cute.


Miss Riley

Riley’s mom is a good friend of mine so I have known this 4-yr-old since she was born and she is…and ALWAYS has been…FULL of personality. She is a character and had me laughing the entire time! I have a gazillion pictures that came out but the majority of them are with a full-blown squinty-eyed-head-thrown-back [...]

Drew’s girl and her little sis

This is Drew’s very best bud/girlfriend and her little sister (who is almost an exact replica of big sis’).



I went out with 3 families for some bluebonnet pictures. The day was supposed to be overcast and on the way there it was, but it ended up being as bright as ever with a really strong wind. The wildflowers were so pretty though…I wish they would last longer.

Hope you enjoy the sneak [...]

Long-Awaited Photoshoot

We never thought this photoshoot would happen. It was postponed for weather (I think twice) and sick people and then mom called to see if I had had any cancellations…and at the time, I didn’t. But within an hour I had someone cancel for illness and I called her asap to meet the next day. [...]