Two Adorable Girls

Some of my favorite little girlies that are always so fun to see. They are moving to a different section of town so we did the pictures at the elementary school that Miss K goes to. It was actually a great location. Lots of plants, walkways, stairs, columns and big trees.


Plates are Overrated…

especially when you can just perch your food on your arm and eat it at your leisure:) This little guy is seriously cute and he grew and changed so much since his newborn pictures a year ago. This was his first attempt at digging into a cupcake and he loved it! It was great seeing [...]

Pics with the M Family

I recently did pictures with these kiddos but this time we were working with the whole family. Little Mr. T wasn’t really into having anything to do with me or my camera and really wanted nothing more than to explore everywhere we went. But that’s pretty normal for little ones his age. On the other [...]

Wyatt & Family

Wyatt’s mom mentioned that he was a busy boy so I was a little nervous. I’ve had LOTS of busy kiddos the past couple of months that keep me on my toes and help me to burn a few calories (probably a good thing to have some busy kids so I get some exercise)! But [...]

Part 1 – The H Family

These are some of the pictures from the first time I met up with this sweet family. The wind was blowing A LOT which didn’t make it good for mom’s hair and dress. Also, their little one wasn’t acting like himself. We ended up deciding that we would meet again and it turned out to [...]

Part 2

We did a little bit of a session before we called it a day because of 25+ mph winds and their little one didn’t seem to feel well. We got together a 2nd time and were able to get some additional pictures. Here’s some from the 2nd time we got together (I’ll add more tomorrow [...]

Sweet Girl – Miss A

Miss A was a little sweetie:) She had the longest, darkest most perfect eyelashes. I see long eyelashes quite a bit but hers showed up so much. She also has the best pouty lip ever. Loved it!!!



Their parents and I had a little bit of a workout last year at their photo session but this year was the complete opposite. They were super easy…smiling and cooperating the entire time.

A little brotherly bonding Cute little baseball players


Siblings, Cousins and Babies on the Way

It had been a while since I had seen these families and they had definitely multiplied in numbers:) There are 2 sisters that both have 2 kiddos and each of them are expecting their 3rd. I love when I hear that people have their kids around the same time as family or friends. How fun [...]

Newborn Boy – Mr. J

I’m so glad that it worked out to do this shoot. Mr. J was a little over the 2-week mark but he did just fine and I had fun getting to know him and his sweet parents.

Such a little charmer, too. Look at the dimples!