Baby R

The newest addition to this sweet family. I think his sister already loves and adores him!

Love the dimples that they have! You can’t see them on Baby R in these pictures but he has them.


Some Regulars That I Adore

I always look forward to seeing these guys. I’ve been doing pictures for them since their oldest was little and now he’s going to kindergarten!!


Protected: Mini Sessions Fall 2013

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Maternity Session in the Park

I was so glad to be able to get some pictures of this great-looking mama-to-be at 34 weeks. We started with some pictures of just her and her baby belly and then dad-to-be was able to join and jump in some of the pictures too.


Ahead of the Rain…

We barely beat the rain! When we met up for this session it was dark in the distance but we were able to get through a good amount of poses and different groupings. Even though we knew it was heading our way it seemed like it came up all of a sudden with high winds [...]

Brotherly Love

Their adorableness speaks for itself but they were also fun, full of energy, and loved to wrestle/fall down with each other. I love the first picture so much because it was so “them”.


Miss N and Her Fabulous Ab Workout

I wish I had a video of Miss N when her mom set her down in the thick, green grass. She did not want her feet to touch so she would lift them up one at a time or sometimes even both at the same time. It made my stomach muscles ache just watching her. [...]

Newborn Miss A

This was the sweetest family! They have four kids under six and they were so good and very cooperative. After sibling pictures Miss A decided that she was done (seemed like an upset tummy) so we decided to try some shots outside to help soothe her. It was wonderful meeting you guys…hope you enjoy your [...]

Mr. B and Friends

Mr. B was so adorable carrying around his Ice Age stuffed friends. And he’s pretty irresistible with his gorgeous blue eyes and the cute way he held onto his furry animals.


Playground Photo Shoot

with Miss M and Miss G. There’s a lot of catching up, playing, hanging out at the vehicles and talking about when we’ll see each other again. LOVE these girls!