Fun Family Pics

Huge kudos to these parents. They went above and beyond trying to get the perfect looks from Mr C. I was cracking up the entire time as they sang, jumped, shrieked… anything it took. They just convey happiness, and I hope that comes across in their pictures. I hope it was a good experience for [...]

Shy and reserved…

is what Miss C normally is. And that’s how she was on the first photoshoot that we did together. In fact, out of 3 sisters I would never have guessed that she’d be the one to find a joy in posing and being in front of the camera. She absolutely loves having her pictures taken [...]

No B&W’s for this girl

I usually like to include a black and white in the sneak peek, but I just can’t stand to with this little one. Her eyes just show up so much in all of the color ones that the B&W’s don’t do her justice. Isn’t she adorable?


Sun-loving Baby

Little Miss C was such a good baby. She did really well while we did pictures indoors, but boy, when we took her outside she immediately snuggled into the blanket, got really cuddly, and closed her eyes. She wasn’t actually asleep but she looked like she was enjoying the warmth of the sun. Such a [...]