Someone just might be….waiting on this post…heehee:) Sorry it’s taken so long Amanda. We did their family pictures this past winter so it hasn’t been too long since I’ve seen them, but their son has changed so much. He was so easy the last time. We would plop him in a spot and he’d stay. [...]

3 years old

Her 3rd birthday party has a horse theme and where better than to do 3rd birthday pictures than at the horse stables.


Pretty in Pink

I just loved her coloring. The gorgeous red hair and bright blue eyes. Then when we were outside her cheeks were flushed pink (probably from our hot Texas heat) but adorable however she got them. She was so good and very smiley the whole time.


Sweet Baby Evan

It was so great to have a couple of newborns these last 2 weeks and I’ll have another one Thursday. I know I’ve said it before but I LOVE photo shoots of newborns!

How precious is he? I love all his little details…his eyelashes, little fuzz, little fists.


A Big Toothy Smile

This little one was all smiles…smiles that showed off her cute little teeth. During our session she actually realized that she could clap and I have a ton of pictures of her huge smile and hands in various stages of clapping.

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek:)

Get a look [...]


I think this is the largest family that I’ve done a photo shoot for. The more people the more of a challenge it is to have everyone looking, smiling, eyes open, and with a natural smile. The best smile came after I tripped while stepping backwards on a rubber chicken that let out an awful [...]

I knew…

we would get along great when she showed me her stash of “extras” that she brought for the photo shoot and there was a book from the Twilight series in there. I can’t believe that I’m admitting it here…but yes, I’m one of those…an older thirty-something mom that LOVES Twilight! It was kind of crazy [...]

A New Little Girl

It seems like the newborns come in waves. I hadn’t had a photo shoot of one in a few months so I was excited to book 2 within a week. And here is the first new little one…so adorable.

I hope you like her sneak peek:)

“Peace Out”


I love my job

It’s been a crazy first couple of weeks of summer. The kids are home, we had some wood floors put in (which meant the house was all kinds of messy), we rescued a cat that thought she should get up in truck engines, had a block party that consisted of 2 Elvis’ and 1 Santa, [...]


As a self-proclaimed animal lover this shoot was amazing and bittersweet at the same time. Danny contacted me and told me about how her heart was breaking because her 4.5 year old dog baby had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and only had about a month to live. We settled on that coming Saturday but [...]