My favorite…Urban pics and photo overload

Ok, I just LOVE doing shots like these. It’s all about the extras. You have to hunt down cool locations, add something funky like bright clothes, tutu’s, jackets, etc…, and throw in some rusted-out textured backgrounds. LOVE IT!! Anyway, just so we’re clear — THE KIDDOS ARE NOT CHAINED DOWN; THEY ARE HOLDING THE CHAIN(you [...]

Holiday Card Samples Are Here:)

I know I’ve had these holiday card samples on my to-do list forEVER, and it feels great to have them finally done. They are all 5×7 and come with envelopes.

Here’s the prices:Sets of holiday cards (envelopes included)Minimum order of 25 cards – $30Order of 50 cards – $55Each increment of 25 cards over [...]

Sneak Peek for Jen

Here’s a sneak peek for Jen, “C” with an I, and family:) I know you were stressing when the kids were having “issues” with one another, but that’s soooooo normal. Hope you enjoy!


1st Senior this school year

Here’s a sneak peek for Ms. L and her mom. I had a blast shooting these pics…they just scream “easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl” to me. She is so pretty and extremely photogenic. Thanks for being so fun!


Her own agenda

I really love this one. Caught a natural moment between them.Here’s a sneak peak for this great family. The 7-year-old was such a help, while the little one had her own agenda of what we should be doing:) I was so afraid I wouldn’t end up with any pictures of her, but did manage to [...]

Yeah! Got a canvas for myself

I finally ordered a canvas for myself and really love the way it came out. Couldn’t decide on any one picture so I made a collage of pics with a poem. The one image is how it looked when I ordered it, and the one hanging on the wall is the final product. I had [...]

So Fun! Sneak Peek

here you go girls, I know you want to see one with your sweet dog.These were some of the crazier ones. Snapped the one of mom getting her out of the tree just for fun and love the way it came out…just the girls having fun.Here’s a sneak peak of a super-fun shoot recently. These [...]

Beach Sneak Peek

It was such a beautiful day at the beach. Glorious low-humid days are few and far between but this day was just perfect. We had to deal with the sun still being pretty bright, but overall, we had a good time with these. (click on image for better view)And how adorable are these kids??!!


Fake smiles and squinty eyes…I’ll take em’!

Started out with a weekend full of 3 photoshoots, a breast cancer walk/run event, and a Saturday full of softball games for the girls. Needless to say, I backed out of the walk/run due to the craziness of fitting it all in and then 1 shoot re-scheduled and the other 2 were rained out! I [...]

Sneak Peek

Hey guys, here’s a sneak peek. Hope you enjoy, he’s such a sweetie! (Click on image to view better)