Newborn Sweetie

The new website is finally finished (for now). I had such a hard time making it “me” so it took longer than I had hoped. But I love color and collages, and there’s no shortage of either one — so I’m happy. If you see a typo or something that I may need to change, [...]

We had some cupcakes left over from a Valentine’s party that had at least 2 inches of hot pink frosting on them. Last I saw they were sitting snuggly on the counter in the container. Next thing I know Cassidy comes to find me and asks why Drew gets to have a cupcake. I’m like [...]

9-year-old’s room and a Wiseguy

Hey! Who’s the wiseguy that changed the letters around?? This is what it’s supposed to look like.DISCLAIMER — please look past the messiness!

I’ve been wanting to take some pictures of my 9-year-old’s room for a while and what I discovered the other day was just the thing to get me to grab my camera. [...]

Work It!

This is normally the shyest of the 3 sisters, but this time she came ready to strut her stuff. And how is it that I hate my freckles but love hers???

Update on the new website. I’m getting so excited because it’s almost done!! I’d say 90%.