Such a tiny one

This little guy was so little and totally adorable. He stayed awake for almost the entire session just looking around, taking it all in.

Look at his little toesies all stretched cute.

This almost looks as though we made the blanket a heart around him, but we didn’t. Nice surprise when I saw [...]

Caught in a dress

Cori’s mom mentioned that she usually is not seen in a dress, so she was pretty happy that we were getting it in pictures. I had so much fun with this shoot. She was awesome at posing, so easy-going and up for anything I suggested (even sitting IN the flower bed; although we carefully chose [...]

Finally, a sitter-upper

Her mom and I have been waiting to do pictures. We were waiting for her to sit up. I got the cutest email one day saying that not only was little “S” a spitter-upper but she was now also a sitter-upper. So it was time for pictures.


Part 2

A total BLAST

I LOVE taking pictures of girls her age. They have fun, usually hamming it up, wanting to look their best. I’m not totally sure her parents are going to love these though. The reason is that she’s only 11. I can’t say that I think that she looks remotely that young in these pics. Doesn’t [...]

A Big Miracle and a few more pics

If you haven’t visited this website it’s a personal blog from a young mother diagnosed with cancer. I read it on a regular basis and feel like I “know” her. She’s extremely courageous, upbeat, and has words of wisdom that I’m constantly in awe of. Well, she had surgery last week to see if doctors [...]

It’s true…

the third child just has to be easy-going. It’s a prerequisite, I’m sure. And this little guy was just that. He went along with everything we put him through. And he has 2 very active big sisters that want to love on him constantly. Here’s a sneak peek from 2 little princesses and their sweet [...]