I’m loving the newborns

Isn’t she so sweet sucking on her fingers?!I love getting that newborn yawn.I’ve had quite a few newborns lately and I’m LOVING it. Anyone that knows me knows that I just LOVE the newborn stage. They are just soooo sweet and you could stare at them and be simply amazed at little movements and sounds [...]

Brother&Sister Sneak Peek

It was a little chilly this day for us (It would be warm to Northerners, arctic freeze to Texans). Anyway, these 2 did awesome cold and all. They came up with poses and were fun to be around. Enjoy your sneak peek!


1st Celebrity Clients — Ozzie&Sharon (and their owners)

My absolute favorite. Ozzie was singing Christmas carols to get us in the holiday spirit.I love this one. Ozzie was moving so fast towards me I could barely get the picture. Ok, so they’re not the Ozzie and Sharon you were probably thinking of…but they’re much cuter! You can’t always be sure how 2 dogs [...]

Sweet Newborn Girl

Just look how proud he isI know that everyone is probably ready to see something other than the “vine tree” that’s been in all of my recent posts, but I just love the look of it. I promise something different soon.

Anyways, this was a great family that I clicked with right away. Mom [...]

Another sister shoot…

And if nothing seems to be working, you pull out the ginormous lollipops.but this time they were much smaller:) We did a little of everything for this shoot to try and keep the smaller cutie in the mood to pose. Her big sister was so patient and a huge help. Hope you guys enjoy your [...]

Mr. "L" and family

Here’s a sneak peek for Mr. L and family. His mom is a friend of mine and Mr. L sometimes plays with my son. “L” is sooooo busy. He did a great job for the pictures. He’d take a couple of a certain pose and then move on to somewhere else. I think the only [...]

Complete cut-ups sneak peek

Now you have to look closely at their middle daughter.This is a friend of mine who is also a photographer. So the pressure was definitely on to get some shots. And because I have known her family for a long time I’m posting several shots that I feel are *SO* them. Enjoy Kristin and Derrick!


A new little baby boy

Shooting newborns is definitely one of my favs! The only problem is that I quickly acquire baby fever. Does that feeling ever go away??? Although after I’m with my super-destructive 2.5 year old the feeling does start to diminish (and I guess that’s good). This little guy and his family were so nice and a [...]

Such a sweet little guy

These were pics for “K” who was turning 1. He was seriously so even-tempered, easy-going and adorable. I hope you guys(haha) enjoy the sneak peek.


Daddy dogpile and sk8r boys

This is my friend, Marla, and her family. I’ve known her since 6th grade and love getting to hang out with her when we get the chance. The dynamics of her family are so different than mine and I always get to laugh at her boys — they are rough, tough, and love to pounce [...]