I’m loving the newborns

Isn’t she so sweet sucking on her fingers?!

I love getting that newborn yawn.

I’ve had quite a few newborns lately and I’m LOVING it. Anyone that knows me knows that I just LOVE the newborn stage. They are just soooo sweet and you could stare at them and be simply amazed at little movements and sounds they make. And this is before they become little (and this is in the words of my friend, Amy) pit vipers that wake up from naps spitting nails. (Amy comes up with the funniest sayings. I’ll have to do a blog entry just with those. She cracks me up!) I’m also realizing after all of these newborn shoots that I like to crop in close and convert to b&w for newborn pictures for some reason. I guess it highlights all those sweet little baby parts better.

Well, you may recognize this couple from a recent maternity shoot. Now they have a sweet little girl added to their family. She was so sleepy but did not want to give it up for the photoshoot. But I think we got some good pics. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek S & K.

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