Family Shoot

This shoot went so easy that I was nervous that something was going to go wrong between me taking the photos to actually getting them home and on the computer. Never fear though…they’re on the computer and backed up. Their 7-year-old was the best ever. His stomach starting hurting but he hung in there til [...]

Another 4-day old

My kids have been watching a Tinkerbell movie and Drew keeps calling her Tiggerbell…you should see how much this bothers Cassidy. She corrects him and he just keeps saying Tiggerbell. And you know how when you’re little you would “pick” the person that you wanted to “be”?

Cassidy: Drew, you can be that boy [...]

Little Miss

I was so excited to see this little girl back. She looks the same as she did as a newborn with such a great head of hair and big brown eyes but she’s just bigger and quite strong.


4-days old

This is the newest member of the family for one of my recent maternity shoots that I posted a few weeks back. It’s pretty funny that in most of these pictures this little one appears to be sleeping because he really didn’t sleep at all. At just 4 days old I thought that he would [...]

Maternity shoot and a tired pup

This maternity photo shoot took me back in time. She was one of my first maternity clients ever and she’s back with baby-to-be #2. She looks just as great as the first time…2007 pics. We just did indoor shots this time because it’s so hot, hot, HOT! I can’t wait to do the newborn pictures!


Beach Families

Not a lot of words today because I’m headed out the door to go back to Galveston for a day with my own kids. My good friend Kristen is here with her 3 girls and we’re heading to the beach and Moody Gardens.

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek:)


Smiles and Dimples

This little boy hands-down gets the award for the most smiles. He smiled every couple of minutes…but boy were they fleeting. I guess he knows how to show off those adorable dimples. He was really good for us…for which I was really grateful! I hope you guys enjoy the sneak peek of your precious little [...]

Celebrating 25 years

This wonderful couple did a 25-year anniversary vow renewal and decided that it would be a great time to have some family pictures of just themselves and some with their 2 kids. They apologized for the broken wood on the pier and the multiplied lily pads in the pond but it was an amazing setting. [...]

So Sweet

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I enjoyed having a few days off and now I need to play catch up! Mackenzie is taking a sewing class that a friend of hers talked her into and she is already teaching me things:) My mom always sewed but I never had any interest. [...]


I’m so excited for this family. They’re expecting their second child pretty soon and I can’t wait to meet him and do the newborn pictures. They were up for anything for the pictures and their son, Kai, got into the role of photographer and didn’t want to stop. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek [...]