This photo session kind of came together in an interesting way. We had talked on the phone, booked the session, emailed each other and talked on the phone some more. The first name of the person that booked sounded familiar (it’s not very common for a female) but I didn’t initially think twice about it. [...]

Mr. K – One Year

It was SO HOT! I can’t even explain how hot it was for this session. If there was any wind this day it came to a complete standstill while we were doing Mr. K’s one-year-old pics. His poor cake was even melting. He was a great sport though and once we started the cake he [...]

37 Weeks

This momma-to-be looks gorgeous. She’s 37 weeks and looks about as far along as I did at 25 weeks! She is all belly. Why do some people gain it EV-ER-Y-WHERE(me) and some don’t even look pregnant from the back(her)! I can’t wait to meet their baby girl at her newborn session:)



After 20 months the new Studio Bloom website has been launched! Shameful, isn’t it?? I actually bought it in December of 2009 and would work on it a little and then months would go by before I would touch it again. Everything on the old site was so outdated but the funny thing is that [...]

Baseball Baby

You can tell that mom and dad just might be baseball fans:) He looked so tiny when we put the bat and glove next to him and he wasn’t that big of a fan of being in the glove instead of wearing the glove.

Hope you guys enjoy the peek:)


Family of Four (May be a graphic post to some…you’ve been warned!)

There is a lot to say for this post. First, we did their family session at the beach last year and it went really perfect. Mom raved about those photos so going into this shoot I was a little nervous about living up to the last session. To start it off they drove from over [...]

Ms. T – 4 Years Old

This is Ms. T who just turned 4. I can’t believe it because she’s the little girl in the picture that I get the most comments about. In the picture she is having a stare-off with a horse who is hanging his head out of his stall window. She was one then! And NOW SHE’S [...]

Big Sister, Middle Sister, and Little Miss Head Honcho Sister

Littlest Miss had me laughing…a lot. She has a ton of personality and there was no making/bribing/pleading with her to sit still or pose. Her older sisters are such great sports and did whatever was necessary for everyone to be in some shots together. They were stacked…they had to run…and run and run…they played Ring [...]

Short & Sweet

Amazing clients that I see several times a year and I even saw them again last night for Miss T’s 4th birthday pics. They had family in from out of state and wanted a picture of everyone together. I’m pretty sure there was some ice cream bribing going on and luckily it worked pretty good:) [...]

One More Family Group

Such a nice family and a gorgeous setting for pictures. We did the session at one of their homes and it was really pretty. It was spacious with green, green grass. There was a hammock, a nice new fence, a dog, a cat, and some chickens (that managed to make it into the background of [...]