Gorgeous, gorgeous maternity

Such a beautiful family. If I had looked that good pregnant I think I would have done a couple of maternity shoots:) Hope you like these:)

My mom is still in the hospital. She went in for one problem and ended up having a heart attack and a small stroke while she was there. It [...]


This was Cassidy’s mother’s day out teacher when she was four and then she was Drew’s teacher this past year at the same mother’s day out program. A little birdie told me that she would love to do pictures with her family (especially when her parents are visiting from England) so that’s what I offered [...]

Katy, Tx family shoot

I love doing photo shoots where they live because they have some great spots just around the corner from their home (I’ve done some of their neighbor’s pics before). They were great to work with and we even got to add their 2 dogs into some of the poses. Sorry again for the lateness on [...]

Family Shoot at Sam Houston Park

I had only been to this location once before and remembered that finding a parking spot might be an issue. There are one-way streets all around and if you get caught on one of them without finding a parking spot you have to go quite a ways to turn back around (don’t ask me how [...]

One Year


9 Months

and she’s walking. Not just unsteady steps but like when you put her down she is off! She is so adorable though with her little bottom teeth shining bright every time she smiles.

On a personal note my mom has been put in the hospital twice since last Thursday and is there now. I’ve had [...]

Beach 2010

Parents, grandparents, and 4 kiddos for this beach session. They found a great new neighborhood on the beach for this session and I loved it. When the grandparents arrived first they were surprised to find a sandcastle-building contest going on with tons of people on the beach (oh no!) but by the time that we [...]

Family of 3 and 1-more-to-be

This session has to be the hottest, stickiest sauna-like session so far this year!! If only there had been a breeze of some kind! They have another little one on the way and mom looks fabulous.

Hope you enjoy your peek:)


Beautiful Girls

Such sweet and well-mannered little girls. Their youngest was pretty spunky and ready to be on the go…but who can blame her! So adorable. They brought their dog along as well for a few of the pictures and she’s a girl too. Poor dad is really outnumbered!

Thanks for meeting with me L family. I [...]

Family Session of 4

Another one of the families that had to be re-scheduled a zillion times because of weather issues….so glad we finally were able to meet up without rain! They are Saints fans and dressed for the occasion. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek:)