Two Sessions

I’m so glad that I met up with this family for another session. They weren’t going to do pictures this year. The session last year didn’t go as easily as a parent would like and I know they were stressed. Let’s just say that a good ole drink may have been mentioned a time or [...]

More sneak peeks:):)

Here’s 3 sessions and I hope to get at least 3 more sessions blogged tomorrow.

This first session is like one big play fest. Cassidy and Drew went (all of the kids adore each other) so we did pictures and most importantly they played…and played…and ran and ran and ran………It’s always like that when [...]

Several Sessions

It’s that busy, busy time of year and I’m trying to keep up with the sneak peeks. At least a few pics from each session. So, here’s some sneak peek pictures from 3 great sessions.


October Mini Session

I have to admit that mini sessions make me nervous. I worry that I won’t get enough good shots in our short session. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry with this family because although our time was short and sweet the kids did great and gave us plenty of good pictures. Thanks S Family!


Mr. Grant and Family

We went back and forth trying to decide on the perfect “country” setting and we ended up at this location. It was perfect for what they wanted. A barn, huge trees, fences and a wonderful family that I was looking forward to seeing! Great to see y’all:)


Catching UP

Whew!! Three blog posts tonight and I’m feeling pretty good about that. I’ve been extremely busy the past several weeks and the blog is down on the priority list while I try and keep up with editing. In fact, the sneak peeks will probably start being pretty small. Hopefully not, but we’ll see. More to [...]

K Family Pics 2012

It was great to meet up with this family again. It had been a year and little man has gotten quite a bit bigger but just as cute (if not more)!! Mom’s dad and sister joined in for some of the pictures, too. It was great seeing you guys again. Thanks for being so patient [...]

Lil’ Miss Sassypants

My niece…one of the sassiest and most adorable 2-year-olds I know! Here’s some pics with her parents and also some from her 2-year-old session this past spring. Where do you go when you have a super fast little one that isn’t interested in taking pictures? A park where they have to slow down at some [...]

Is He Cute or What??

That’s my nephew and yep, he’s CUTE!!


The R Family 2012

We met up on what seemed like a good weather day but not too long into the session the wind started to blow like crazy! Before long we had to do pictures in an area that would help block the wind. The boys had fun being silly with each other and then running with their [...]