2 Little New Ones

I was looking forward to this photo shoot immensely! It was my first time getting to take pictures of twins and I was in love the instant we began. They were so adorable and it’s amazing how different you can already tell that they are (they even have different skin tones). Funny story: I asked [...]

Tea Cup Baby

Mom said she saw some pictures of a baby in the oversize tea cups on someones blog that I have a link to (probably here) and hunted some down for her daughter’s pictures. She was adorable and loved being in the cup.

Our phone and Internet went out again yesterday. It’s so splotchy still [...]

Don’t let her size fool you…

I was in awe of this little one. She was a tiny little thing but was packed with power. She was mostly fully awake, holding up her head looking around, trying to inch her way off of blankets, just taking everything in. She was so good for our session. Made me “kind of” want another [...]

Playing Catch Up

Big Time! I am so far behind. First there was the computer problems, then Hurricane Ike (which I plan to have pictures and blog about soon), and then no electricity for 6 days, then when the electricity came back on the Internet didn’t. Finally, Sunday the Internet was restored and I’m having MORE computer issues. [...]

First Dumpster Diving Find

Let me preface this by saying I’ve never dumpster dove before. I was at a photoshoot recently just snapping away when the mom said, “I could so see you using this for a picture. Maybe a child sitting on it in a field.” So, I looked up to see what she was referring to and [...]

Back up and running

My computer died Friday. Which was good and bad. The good was that I actually was not able to get on it and spend hours and hours away from my family. This forced me to do some other things that I’ve been meaning to do. The bad…well, it’s not a good thing when I hear [...]

2 girls & a little guy

This is such a good-looking family. The kiddos were adorable and little Mr. B had the bluest eyes and stylin’ haircut going on. We had a bit of trouble holding his attention though when a helicopter decided to hang out overhead the whole time we were at the first location. Of course, what one-year-old won’t [...]

This baby is tied as…

the most easy-going newborn that I’ve worked with. We could move, wrap, unwrap, roll, turn over, manhandle, maneuver, etc….you get my drift. He was just the sweetest little guy just letting us do whatever we needed to to get the next shot. Such a sweetie! Enjoy your sneak peek guys. And thanks for being such [...]