Don’t let her size fool you…

I was in awe of this little one. She was a tiny little thing but was packed with power. She was mostly fully awake, holding up her head looking around, trying to inch her way off of blankets, just taking everything in. She was so good for our session. Made me “kind of” want another one:)

After the indoor pictures we went to a field that is sort of in a remote area in town. There’s traffic that comes by but not a lot. Well, the baby, her parents, and I were out in this field when a truck pulled up to where we were. No one recognized the man and when he got out we were all a little nervous. He walked towards us and had his left hand out of sight behind his clothing. I was already thinking about how to react if he were to show us a weapon and then he asked what we were taking pictures of. He saw the baby and said, “Oh, I thought maybe you were out here taking pictures of the Raspberry(actually spelled Rasberry) Ants.” The what?? He went on to ask us if we had heard of them and began telling us about how they get into electronic components and then short them out, etc…. He finally backed away and left and we let out a sigh of relief. We discussed what had happened and decided that for sure he was just a little looney. So after I get home, just for the heck of it, I google Raspberry Ants. What do you know…they do exist. And they were actually discovered and named after a man from our town. I began repeating this story to a few friends and family and they had all heard of these ants already and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard of them. My neighbor who is from Connecticut said that’s she has had relatives call her and ask her if she has had any problems with these ants. Ok, so people in Connecticut have heard of them and I haven’t. And now I’m thinking…”Hmmmm, maybe that’s what is wrong with our computer…Raspberry Ants.”

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