Beach Family Pics

Here we are at the beach….again. A few years ago I decided that I would only do one beach session per month just because it takes so much time and also because I’m taking a chance every time I’m there that I’ll mess up my camera with sand or water. Then after last summer I [...]

Family Shoot – Katy, Tx

I really do feel fortunate to do what I do. I enjoy meeting new people and love getting to see ones that I already know. I met Wendy and her family last summer and luckily enough this year her sister and family were able to be in town for the session. Chad went with me [...]

Galveston Beach Family Session

Another Galveston family session. This family is friends with the last family I posted who were friends with the first family. Makes sense?:):) They live out of the country but come to visit in the summer and we were lucky enough to be able to meet up this year. It was good to see you [...]

Miss A – 4 Months

Miss A has such a sweet personality. She put up with posing on her tummy a lot and the terrible heat like a little pro. Her big brother was also talked/tricked/coerced into some pictures and then he was able to move on to something much funner with grandma. He went and played in the water [...]

Galveston – Part 2

I feel like I’m watching these kids grow before my eyes. I see them several times a year and each time they look so much older. Their youngest daughter is apparently a little fish because she went right out in the water in her pretty pink dress and plopped down. She would lay, splash around, [...]

Beach Boys – Galveston Part 1

I went to Galveston to do annual pictures of one of my favorite families and we also did some of their friends. As soon as I saw them I thought they looked like beach boys with their tans, light blond hair and bright blue eyes.


Little Charmer…

with the big, blue eyes and huge smile…with the little white teeth that show sometimes when you smile.

Or when you stare into the lens…

So cute that when he gave us a humongous smile we could see 4 little white teeth.

Just hangin’ around. He’s cool like that.

And look [...]

Baby Phoebe

Sweet baby Phoebe belongs to some of our friends that live down the street. We were so excited to find out what she would be….bets were going as to boy or girl and not to brag or anything but someone in this house said “girl”. And that someone is female and types up blog posts:) [...]

Just Turned Two

They had just turned two and from what mom and dad said they were being opposite of what they usually are. Miss B normally wears a bow but pulled hers out over and over where Miss L usually won’t leave a bow in and she left hers alone during the pictures. The twin that normally [...]