December Sneak Peeks Part 1

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We spent time at my husband’s grandparent’s farm about an hour out of Dallas. It’s always fun to go somewhere with wide open space. The kids love the farm adventures and getting to see their relatives at the annual Christmas Eve get-together. Of course we had our trips [...]

One More

One more blog post and then I’m taking a break until after Christmas. I had to skip over some sneak peeks because I ran out of time and had to go straight to sending out proofs so everyone would still have time to order…whew! I’ll try and add some favorites after Christmas.

This little [...]

I know you won’t believe it but

I have more pictures in the field with an adorable family. Their 9-month-old was just too cute, especially when posing with his older brother (their dog Jake). I was so impressed with their dog’s manners that I got some tips on training our new puppy. I’ve tried some of this already and he’s learned so [...]

Family Shoot in my field

I’m starting to feel like this field is my studio:) I sure hope no one decides to ever build on it.

This adorable family was great. Their daughter was a pretty busy little girl but loved to pose and work it for the camera and their son…well just look at him, ADORABLE!

Enjoy your [...]

We took a chance

on the weather. It kind of rained on and off all day and was raining on my side of town. The stables are about 15 minutes away though so we thought what the heck…let’s give it a try. I’m really glad we did because we had the perfect amount of time while there. The one [...]

Family Shoot

It was great meeting up with this family because I actually knew both of them way back when. Before they were married and before kids. They have 2 adorable boys that loved being at the park exploring. We decided that they almost liked our location choice a little too much…we were having trouble getting their [...]

3 girls and a guy

Poor guy…he was the only male in the group of cousins. This was another family group that had me laughing so hard! They were a riot with each other. Enjoy your sneak peek guys!


House Photo Shoot

We decided to do this family photo shoot at their home which is nice because it makes the pictures more personable to their life. Their daughter loves knock-knock jokes and thinking back it cracks me up because we were coming up with some of the craziest jokes to keep her attention. They didn’t have to [...]

2009 Calendar Gift & family shoot

I’m in love with this calendar. I had one printed just to see what it looks like in person and it’s adorable. You pick your favorite 13 pictures from your photo shoot and I’ll design the calendar and have it printed and ready to go in the frame. These are great for Christmas gifts!(Grandparents would [...]

So Excited…

to catch a newborn smile. We had to be really still and quiet for minutes at a time but his mom knew that as soon as he gets still and is drifting off to dreamland that he starts smiling. Isn’t he adorable??!!