The Gorgeous B Family

This is one of the families that I met through a photography session and I now consider them friends:) They live in our neighborhood and their daughter and Drew are in the same grade with their classes directly across from each other. And when I’ve gone to have lunch with Drew at school Ms. K [...]

Good Sports

Another session where the mosquitoes were so, so bad! They were so bad that they literally ran us indoors! We took a few pics indoors, sprayed with bug spray and ventured out for some park pictures. These brothers were such troopers. I mean what brothers really want to hug each other, hold hands or put [...]

A Success at Fun and Photos

I love these girls and their mom. She wants pictures that show the girls as they really are. She doesn’t worry about having the perfect pose, perfect hair, perfect clothing…she wants them happy and having fun. And fun is what we had. My kids have met them at several of the sessions and they all [...]

Mr. Speedy and His Fam

I feel so privileged to get to watch this wonderful family grow and it’s funny because I feel like we’ve come full circle. I think it was the 2nd time that I met up with them (maybe even the first time and Mr. Speedy was super little) I had to take my kids with me [...]

Mr. S and His Dog Katie

He is at such a fun age. He was exploring, throwing sticks for his dog, filling his pockets with rocks, and discovering that if you put your hand inside your sleeve it looks like you don’t have a hand. Once he discovered that little trick he showed his dog with a huge smile on his [...]

Attack of the Mosquitoes

I am always happy to see this sweet family and I feel lucky that I get to watch Miss C and Miss E grow. This particular day is the day where we had a problem with mosquitoes…really the first day to notice them…and boy, I didn’t realize how bad it was going to get. We [...]

Pictures With Their Baby

And their baby just happens to be an amazingly pristine classic car. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Playing Shy

This little guy had it in his head that he wasn’t going to warm up to me and my camera. But that’s okay…some of my favorite pictures are the ones where he is stubbornly looking at me trying so hard not to smile and with the help of his parents we were able to get [...]

Adorable Siblings

When I did Mr. C’s pictures last year it seemed super easy….too easy. Did I think it would be that easy again? No, but a photographer can hope, right?! Anyways, he now moves at a superhuman warp speed. A speed that seemed almost impossible to keep up with. I think we tried everything in the [...]

Fall Schedule and The G Family

I am officially booked for the rest of the year (except for newborn sessions). It’s getting crazy to where I’m getting behind and stressing! I do have a waiting list that I can put people on in case any openings come up. I also have to start cutting back on some things and the blog [...]