The whole package

This senior was adorable. She’s pretty, easy-going, confident(in a good way!), knows what she wants to do after she graduates, and already has a huge love and devotion for her future university. And best of all she said that she loves color — which is right up my alley!

Enjoy your sneak peek S!


A windy evening

The weather this day was gorgeous. I didn’t notice any wind at all until right about the time we met up and got out of our cars — and wow, it was blowing like we couldn’t believe. We found walls to hide behind, crouched down, and I would say “Ok, hold your hair until I [...]

Mother/daughter pics

I love mother/daughter pictures. There’s that special bond there between moms and their girls. I really should have this done with my girls — especially before they get too sassy for this! I’ve known this mom since I moved to a new area in 6th grade. We became friends and there was a whole group [...]

XOXO to this senior

She wanted something different. She didn’t want what all her fellow seniors were going to have. She searched the Internet and found an image in my senior gallery in a field of flowers and wanted that. We had to wait several months for the flowers to bloom, but they’re finally here. I just know that [...]

Little Stud Muffin

I absolutely love when I get to take pictures of this little guy or his cousin. I used to work with his mom and aunt. When we do pictures of little “W” or his cousin they usually all come as well as the grandmother. We also usually schedule them when my crew is here. It’s [...]

Running from the rain

We had a slight chance of rain this Sunday afternoon. We didn’t see it until we had walked quite a ways up a street to capture some images under the trees and in the street. And all of a sudden what started out as a drizzle became full-fledged raindrops. We ran for the cars. She [...]

I’m getting old!!

Before kids and before marriage I worked at the good ol’ YMCA. In fact, that’s where my husband and I met. Anyway, I met a ton of kids while working there, but there was always a few that I really enjoyed working with. One of them is the mom (who now *GASP* has 2 kids [...]

Blue Eyes

For being only a little over a month old, Miss A’s eyes are already sooo vibrant and blue. Poor thing(and her parents) have been suffering from her reflux/colic quite a bit. We knew the photoshoot might be short-lived but did find that she was pretty happy being propped up on mommy’s shoulder like in the [...]