Super Sweet

I was contacted by this little guy’s mom’s best friend. His mother had had some surprise life-threatening medical issues while she was pregnant and they had to deliver her baby boy early. He had to be in NICU for a while and she is still in the hospital. Her best friend knew about her desire [...]

Mr. C

He made my life so easy on this day. He was nothing but smiles.

Even during his booty shots:)


Adorable in Red

I really do have a Thanksgiving Day life. We’re about to leave for my Brother and sister-in-law’s house but I thought I’d get in a quick post. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!!


Family of 5

Sorry for no words these last couple of posts but I’m falling farther behind by the minute so just want to get the peeks up:)

Hope you enjoy.


Sweet New Baby


Family Holiday Photos



To say that this 9-year-old is photogenic is an understatement. Typically a 9-year-old girl will enjoy having their picture taken…and she was no exception. She had all kinds of ideas for locations and poses. And we had to include her dog, Lucy, in some of them too.


Personality in Pictures

This photo shoot didn’t last much longer than an hour but the array of pictures that we got show the many sides to this adorable 3-year-old. I have smiling pictures, thoughtful pictures, playful pictures, hide-n-seek pictures, monster pictures, and sassy pictures. Isn’t she too cute?


Family of 3

I think that I could just make this blog about the daily escapades of my 4-year-old, Dennis, I mean Drew the Menace. His teacher — which happens to be a really good friend of mine — told me that every time she would say something today that she would hear a slight echo of her [...]

Sibling #2

I think it’s pretty cool that I did newborn shots of her big brother and now her. It’s so fun to capture a family as it grows.

Mom brought some flowers to incorporate; little Miss thought it was fun to wiggle them off.