This was hands-down the windiest session I’ve ever done. The wind is always worse at the beach but O.M.G. it was strong. I had already suggested that the females wear their hair pulled back and I’m really glad that they did. The 2 boys that look about the same age are cousins that are 5 [...]

Little Miss Daredevil

Some kids don’t like the feel of grass or weeds touching their legs…not little Miss P. She literally was running herself through tall grass, falling in it, laughing, getting up and doing it again. Quite the adventurous little girl. Isn’t she gorgeous?

And playful…she was going to “get me” with the butterfly


Photo shoot and….Birdwatching

Okay I can definitely say that I’m not, nor have I ever been a birdwatcher. Well, while we’re doing this shoot of one of my very favorite families the dad sees what looks like a duck way up in the tree. Hmmmm, I didn’t know ducks sat up in large oak trees but, whatever;) Skip [...]

Little Graduate

Miss K just turned 6 and is about to have her kindergarten graduation. Her mom saw a picture on my website that she wanted to re-create of her walking away with the spinny (I don’t know a name for this other than spinny thing…haha)thing to symbolize moving on to first grade. First we met and [...]

A & A

These two were so friendly and amazing with each other. I don’t know if they always get along so good but I really think they not only love each other, but they like being together. They were both full of personality and mom melted my heart when she told me that the next day her [...]

The K Family

Such an adorable family. Mom and I had discussed the challenges going into the shoot. We had to do it during the middle of the day which means bright, bright sunlight. There are also, not one, but two 7-month-old girls. She explained that one of them is very happy and smiles easily. The other one [...]

Sweet Mr. M

Mr. M is about to have his first of several surgeries to correct his cleft lip/palate and mom wanted to get some shots before this happens. He is so sweet. Very chilled out and loved to look straight at me. I would love to know what he was thinking about this crazy person in front [...]

Little Charmer

Last time I saw Mr. B he was practically bald and immobile and now (especially because of his first haircut) he can move and looks like a little boy! Where does the time go? He was definitely a little charmer giving me hugs and wanting me to hold him.

I just adore his mom and [...]