Dustin | Alvin High School Senior 2017

I’ve known his parents for years and hadn’t seen him in a long time so it was a shock to hear that he’s actually graduating this year! Loved that he wanted his dog in the pictures


Alvin High School Senior 2017

Beautiful senior and some great locations! And the weather was gorgeous that day, too.


Clair | Pearland High School Senior 2017

I was extremely impressed by this beautiful senior girl. She has a love and commitment to her animals that goes deep. I was super excited when her mom told me that she wanted to include the animals and not only that we were doing pictures in a field full of wildflowers. LOVE! I really enjoyed [...]

Aeneas | Pearland High School Senior 2017

I’ve known this handsome boy since he was a baby and can’t believe he’s all grown up! So excited for him that he’s going to continue playing baseball after high school and can’t wait to see what life has in store for him. Thanks for being such a trooper with your session!!


Levi – First 2017 Senior

Although it’s hot out it’s a great time to knock out some 2017 senior pictures! My oldest is a senior this year as well and I can only imagine how crazy and busy the senior year can be.


Amelia – Pearland Senior 2016

This girl has the cutest personality! I know her mom and three of her sisters but had never had the chance to meet her. We met up for the session and I had such a great time talking to her mom and getting to know her. She did really well in high school and is [...]

Andrew – Bay Area Christian Senior 2016

I did his sister’s senior pictures last year so it was great to hear from his mom again. She was so kind in giving out my name to lots of her friends and family this year! When we started the session Andrew was a little apprehensive but warmed up pretty quickly and did awesome for [...]

Trenton – Pearland Senior 2016

I had a fun time running around downtown Houston with Trenton and his mom. I loved that he threw a suit in the mix of outfits.


Payton | Alvin Senior 2016

She was so photogenic. I think there were only 2 pictures to delete from her eyes being closed. That never happens! [...]

Brooke – Friendswood Senior 2016

Another beautiful senior from Friendswood that has the prettiest blue eyes. They are so striking! It was great to meet you guys:-)