Erika | Dawson High School Senior 2018

Annika | Bellaire High School 2018


Sophia | Pearland High School 2018

Kendall | Turner High School Senior 2018


Senior Alvin High School 2018

Madelyn | Senior 2018

Cameron | Pearland Senior 2018

Dustin | Alvin High School Senior 2017

I’ve known his parents for years and hadn’t seen him in a long time so it was a shock to hear that he’s actually graduating this year! Loved that he wanted his dog in the pictures


Alvin High School Senior 2017

Beautiful senior and some great locations! And the weather was gorgeous that day, too.


Clair | Pearland High School Senior 2017

I was extremely impressed by this beautiful senior girl. She has a love and commitment to her animals that goes deep. I was super excited when her mom told me that she wanted to include the animals and not only that we were doing pictures in a field full of wildflowers. LOVE! I really enjoyed [...]