Can I Just…

title this one “HUMID” with a capital H! This great family is about to move so we squeezed in a morning session and the heat and humidity started to settle in right when we were getting started. It was beyond hot and I felt so bad for them. But..we did get some good pictures that [...]

Kindergarten Graduate

His dad contacted me about a session to celebrate Mr. H finishing his first year of school. He’s done with kindergarten and moving on up! He was so sweet for his session. Pretty quiet…but I imagine that would change if he had more time to warm up.

So handsome!


This Girl…

adores her big brother! He was able to get the best smiles when we couldn’t get any. I don’t know what we would have done without him.


The “B” Kids

Loved everything about this shoot. The location was gorgeous, there was a LOT of color and the kids were great. Little Miss was quite the poser and I always love to get a willing and happy model:)


Melt Your Heart

I am always in awe of newborns. They are such a miracle and a gift. And seeing these two snuggle up together just melted my heart. They were so good for their entire newborn session. Just needed a little time to eat and other than that they were good to go.

Meet these two sweethearts… [...]

Miss L

Miss L is such a gorgeous newborn. She didn’t want to miss anything so we decided to just go with the awake look. She did great with the eye contact but then decided that she was wore out after all and started snoozing for some sleepy baby pictures.

So pretty!


A Princess & Her 2 Brothers

We did a quick session of these 3 siblings dressed in their Easter best. I think they look fabulous and I loved the way you could tell that little Miss rules the show!


Harper – 6 Months

A.K.A – Lil Miss Dimples (like her momma) I loved getting a chance to see Miss Harper for her 6-month pictures and she’s just as adorable as I imagined. When we met up it was hot, hot and hot but she did great!


Surfer Baby

Honored to call this beautiful momma a friend. We met from a session years ago but when we get together we can gab like nobody’s business (and I’m not a huge talker normally)! It’s always fun to see her and her family and it was wonderful doing another beach session for them. She and her [...]

Some Blog Catching Up

I’m really behind on blogging/editing sessions and am hoping to get lots done today! Last Sunday I started to not feel well and it only progressed until I was either on the couch or in bed for most of the week. I missed all of the last week of school activities for the kids and [...]