Last of the Yellow Flowers

I think this was the last time I’m going to be able to do pictures in the field full of yellow flowers (for this year). I had a session this evening and we stopped by there and they were about gone. I’ll miss having that as a go-to spot.

Mr. J really wanted to [...]

Wishing I was Undercover…

or like a fly on the wall because it would have been so entertaining to watch me, this senior, and her mom attempt to get the stand-in-the-middle-of-the-street-downtown Houston shot. First off, I don’t normally go downtown on a Friday evening because I know that everyone that works down there is trying to get out of [...]

Newborn Boy and his Family

This session was very similar to a couple other newborn shoots I’ve had lately. These newborns have come with older siblings. And all of them have been really good. Newborn sessions usually take longer than any other type of session and these siblings have to be so patient for such a long time. I can [...]


This is a surprise Father’s Day present so if you happen to know the husband/daddy of these beautiful girls please don’t mention the pictures that you saw in this sneak peek:)


Anyone sick…

of yellow wildflower pictures?? It’s hard not to incorporate these gorgeous flowers right now because I know they won’t be around long. And I actually like them more than bluebonnets (gasp!)….there, I said it! I know, it’s like a crime to say that in Texas:) Bright yellow just seems like such a happy color and [...]

Family of Four

I can imagine that we were quite the sight flying around the country club where they are members on 2 golf carts carrying chairs, clothes, buckets, camera bags and anything else we thought we might need. The good thing was that we (the wife and I) unknowingly scheduled this on the day of the Masters [...]

A Year Later

I had not seen this little guy since his newborn shoot. He still has the same face with the big gorgeous eyes but he’s now a fast toddler. It was great seeing and working with you guys again! Hope you enjoy your peek:)


A New Baby Boy

I’m so happy for this family. They are head over heels for their new little guy and big sister is so cute with him.

Look, no hands!


Birthday Princess

This girl is an absolute doll! These are her one-year-birthday pictures. Hope you enjoy them:)


Senior 2010

We almost got her car stuck out in the field. The tires found a couple of spots where they just spun and spun and I thought to myself “Well, I’ve never gotten a client stuck in a field before”. A new adventure. That’s one of the great things about my job….everything changes with each time [...]