Just had to try this…

Saw one of these on Indie-Art’s blog and just had to give it a try. I just LOVE the way the pics look together. These are mostly pictures from the last few weeks with a few others thrown in.

And the smaller mosaic is engagement pics of BFF and her fiance.


Mr. D and my nemesis, Ms. K!

These 2 are so cute together. With a couple of new outfits and some flowing beige-y grass we knew we just had to get some pics. Usually Ms. K is just impossible to get on camera(aka, my nemesis), but we managed to get a few smiley pics of her this [...]

Silly boy

Drew is obsessed with this bubble machine. And thanks to his buddy, Kate, he’s learned to try and eat the bubbles as they flow out.

And even though he got bubbles all in his mouth, he turned and gave me a huge I’m-so-proud-of-myself smile.