Little Sister

I was feeling pretty lucky to get to take pictures again for this family. I did the newborn session for their first daughter and now they added another little princess. She was exceptionally good for us. I could have kept snapping away all day:) Her parents had only one request and that was to use [...]

The M Family

Great session but hot, hot, hot! This family was super nice and we scheduled the session pretty quickly because there was a possibility that they were moving overseas. That meant that the session was in June and the temperature has gone pretty high. Luckily, there was a breeze that helped! Their little guy, Mr. D, [...]

Blue Eyed Girl

On the day of our first scheduled session the skies started getting dark not too long before the session so we decided to meet up early and try to beat the rain. We both were on our way and then right before getting to the location the sky opened up! Bummer! I hate when it [...]

Mr. C

Oh so cute and he didn’t want to miss anything. Mr. C was about 6 weeks when we did the session and his mom said that he sleeps all day every day. We were hoping that he would stick to that schedule for the session but he really didn’t want to. He knew there was [...]

Future Athlete

I think little Mr. W has a pretty good chance at being an athlete when he gets a little older. His dad brought some sports gear that we were able to use in some pictures and dad’s eyes seem to light up when talking about blowing up a picture of his baby boy in a [...]