Reverse psychology. I figured out pretty quickly that this little guy would do just about anything if I told him not to. I’d say “Don’t you dare go sit in my green chair” and he would immediately go do just that. It worked the entire time. Well, the entire time except when he was running [...]

10 on almost Tuesday

1. I’m having a hard time jumping back into work after having some much-needed time to slow down. Can you tell? I know the blog has been the first to be neglected. 2. I picked up the kids from school last week and Drew tells me that they had learned about the letter “W” that [...]

Parking Lot Troubles

I know to allow extra time to find parking when I go to this location. BUT I figured (and here’s where I went wrong) that it had poured the day before, it was going to be a mud pit, and it was getting late in the day….surely, it wouldn’t be a problem to find parking. [...]

Sweet Baby Girl Makes 4

The last newborn of 2010:) Congratulations C family….she is absolutely precious!

And my favorite!


Happy New Year

Whew…longest picture post ever! The past year was wonderful and busy and as I got into November I just couldn’t keep up with the sneak peek and blog posts. I wanted to get a little up to date so I decided to add a picture or 2 from the sessions over the last couple of [...]