A Somewhat Hard Day

We had to start today off by making the decision to take our oldest animal (our cat, Hammer) to be put to sleep. She was almost 18 and getting VERY skinny, weak, and senile(is this possible for a cat?). So started the morning with letting the kids know and having them say their goodbyes was [...]

Maternity shoot

Here’s some recent maternity pictures. They are so adorable together. Very in love, caring, and it totally came across in the pictures. Plus, she’s a gorgeous mom-to-be. How cute does she look in the pic against the bricks? I just loved that outfit — from the top down to the shoes.


Brand new little model

Baby “S” was sooooo sweet. She was such a little trooper as we posed her, stripped her, and took away her pacifier. Poor thing just really wanted to snuggle up to momma and go to sleep, but we just wouldn’t leave her alone. Such is the life of a little model! Hope you enjoy Whitney!



I was tagged by Megan to list 8 interesting things about myself. I’ve pondered this for a couple of days, and am having the HARDEST time. I’m gonna try and come up with something, but forgive me if it’s not much!

1. I have a space between my big toes and the other 4 and [...]