Reason No. 1,008

of why I don’t really do weddings…my camera broke midway through this one. I’m really not a wedding kind of girl but I do usually end up doing about 2 a year. And wow, talk about stress. I was taking a picture and bam! a strange noise and a funky lightening flash through my viewfinder [...]


of someone! That would be directed at the person that mowed the field that I always use. How dare he/she/it!! (Totally kidding…I don’t own it) This group of kiddos (brother & sister and their cousin) and their moms met up with me with the intention of doing pictures at the field. When we got there [...]

Bluebonnet and park shoot

It’s nice to have an area to take bluebonnet pictures close by although I’ve been back once more since this photo shoot and they’re getting quite smashed from all the people stopping to take pictures. The man that owns the property is as nice as can be. He has a sign out that says that [...]

Local readers…I’m begging for help!

I am going crazy trying to decide my next step for my photography business. My favorite photo shoots are done outdoors, BUT I like to be able to offer maternity and newborns indoors as well as other types of shoots indoors. I would also like to be able to do more shoots during the day [...]

Throwing in some newborn pictures

Just when I was running my mouth about having only 1-yr-olds, I scheduled 3 newborns for the next week. Here’s the first one…so sweet. Dad kept warning me that she could get quite feisty but she did great at her first modeling gig. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


Where did…

all the 1-yr-olds come from? Seems like last fall I had so many newborns to photograph and now it’s first birthday babes. It’s crazy how it comes in spurts??This little girl was perfect. She had so many smiles to share and not a single fuss.


A Serious Girl

Here’s one of my favorite little girlies that I’ve been photographing since birth. She has the bluest eyes (I did not do anything to them in these pics) and is quite the deep thinker. She was mostly doing her own thing and sometimes those are my favorite types of pictures.

Like this one…


Little Mr. Handsome…

came back for some 4-month pictures. He was the easiest newborn that I’ve ever worked with and is still the same. He hadn’t had a nap and it was lunchtime and he let us sit him up, dress him, and do his hair (no really, his aunt was there as his official hair person).


Wind, wind go away…

We had some major wind issues for this photo shoot. Gusts were around 30mph and were constant. It was also a lot colder than it seemed like it would be. The sun was out full force but it was really cool. The kids were such troopers the entire time and the littlest one was working [...]

One Year Old Doll

As child #1 went back to school today after being sick for a week, child #3 was home running a fever and generally feeling bad. For anyone that knows me they know that I don’t stay home for any long amount of time. I’m always out and about, running the road as my mom says. [...]