The Waiting Game

This is my beautiful sister-in-law that is officially due in about a week. We’re so impatient to meet this new little one and I can’t wait to do his newborn photos. She knew that she wanted to do the “bump” sign photo and we went on a search. There were a couple to work with [...]

Getting Big

Here’s Mr. K and he seems to be growing like a weed every time I see him. He’s mostly serious, gave a few smiles and gave little adorable smirks, too. Good to see you guys again:)


He’s Got Speeeeeeedd

If you’ve ever followed my blog then you know that there is a Mr. Speedy that is on here pretty regularly. Well, this little guy is now giving him a run for his money as having the title of being THE.FASTEST.LITTLE.GUY ever!! He is fast…and busy…and quick…and turns quicker than I can get situated to [...]

Miss A

I recently had to reschedule several sessions because of rain and we thought we might not get this session in but we moved it up an hour and were able to have just enough time. Afterwards when I was driving home the raindrops started. So glad that I was able to meet this family and [...]

Birthday Girl and Her Family

Sweet Miss E and I share a birthday although many, many, many years apart! I was so excited when I scheduled a session with them. Mom mailed the session fee along with an updated picture of the kids (which was great to see!) and wished me a happy birthday. For a second I had to [...]

So Happy Together

This family was a dream to work with. Their two kiddos are 4 and were so good. They really seemed to adore one another and had the cutest poses when they were together. Just take a look…introducing Mr. J, Miss A and their mom and dad. Thanks for meeting up with me…hope you enjoy your [...]

Superhero Brothers

These cute guys belong to a friend of mine so it was fun to hang out and catch up with her and also let these 2 sillies entertain us. Silly boy#1 ran out of picture-taking love after just a little bit but luckily he was open to bribery:) Silly boy#2 did great the entire time…full [...]

Sweet Miss H

This little one did great for her pics. She lasted much longer than most babies her age and although she was taking it all in and not smiling all of the time she still gave us plenty of sweet looks!

Love those big, brown eyes


Mr. H

This newborn boy was not the biggest fan of being in front of the camera. That’s pretty typical of most boys…sure starts young! I hope he doesn’t hold it against me because he’s adorable and I’d love to take more pictures of him in the future:) Hope you guys enjoy your little peek at the [...]