Holiday Pics with the B Family

Madison | Sweet 16


Brittany Part 2 | Alys Beach 2018


Cassidy | 16 Years Old | Alys Beach 2018


Samantha | Alys Beach 2018

The G Family

Where does the time go? Seriously?? The last time I got together for a family session with this entire group was 2011 and I don’t even think there were any teenagers (maybe one!) Check it out….their hometown mural. Loved it!


Sweet Sixteen

This gorgeous girl is about to be the Big “16″! She is such a treasure to her family as a daughter and sister and is always so nice to be around. Her parents are doing a great job


The Cunningham Family

And both sets of grandparents and an aunt, uncle and cousin. I love when it works out for a photo shoot with extended family because I know how challenging it can be to coordinate a day that works for everyone! I felt bad for them because it was pretty chilly that day especially with the [...]


Miss K turned 13 this year…an official teenager! Her mom is so good about keeping up with their pictures and as always she picked a gorgeous location on their side of town.



I’m scared to have a tween/teen! And Mackenzie is getting close…scary! But I’ve done these kids’ pictures for years now and they’re getting to that age that I worry and stress about and being with them makes me see how fun it can be. They have so much personality (as you can see in the [...]