Max & Toni

These 2 adorable boys and their parents were visiting from out of the country and their aunt coordinated a photo session for while they were here. So nice to meet everyone!


Friendswood Senior 2013

Hands down one of the easiest, quickest sessions. We zipped around and took tons of pictures in record time. A lot of times guys aren’t really too keen on posing but he had a great attitude of “let’s do this”.

It was great to meet you!


Family Session of 4

These guys are moving overseas soon and mom was hoping to get some family pictures before the big changes happen. It was wonderful to meet y’all:)


Mr. Smiles

It just does not get any cuter than Mr. W with his big smiles. He was so playful and smiley!


Miss M and Mr. T

These kiddos live down the street from us. We’ve been trying to get some pictures done for a while and one thing or another has happened and we’ve had to wait. We were finally able to get together and we had a great time getting this brother and sister’s pics. Even though I see them [...]

The “E” Family of 5 (plus a new member of the family after this session)

And nope they didn’t have another baby. Their oldest child found and got quite attached to a caterpillar. He called him “Caterpillary”. (I’m going to refer to Caterpillary as a him because it just seems like caterpillars are boys and that butterflies would be girls. Hmmmmm??) He wanted to sit by him, touch him, then [...]

A Bluebonnet Session

So the title is about bluebonnets and I realized the first picture doesn’t even have bluebonnets! We started in the pink and yellow flowers and then made our way to the bluebonnet patches. There were a lot of people out enjoying the spring weather and gorgeous flowers.



This sweet momma contacted me to do a session of her and her daughters. Her sister came along and we were able to get some with her in them too. I had a great time hanging with all the girls! Sisters & Sisters


The H Family

We did some family and one-year photos of Mr. H and he’s a little cutie! He was easy to get to smile and it was so funny to watch him practice his newly acquired walking skills. In every walking picture he has one arm straight up for balance and has so much concentration going on. [...]

Family of Three

I headed to their gorgeous home/backyard to do their session. The wind was a little crazy and it ended up being pretty chilly. They were great sports though suffering for the sake of the pictures:) Little Miss Z is full of life and kept me smiling with her posing ideas! It was great to see [...]