2010 Senior

Here’s my first 2010 senior. I talked to her mom and suggested downtown for the shoot and she was game. I think it was perfect for Miss Sam. She loves the hustle and bustle of the city life and really got into the whole shoot. We had a blast finding new locations although I did [...]

So cute

I can’t decide if I like his smile or his intent stare better? I always LOVE eye contact and he gave me a lot. And when he smiled it would just light up his eyes and show his little teeth. He’s adorable! I really hope you like your peek:)



Aaahhhh, school is a good thing for my sanity today. I’m tired as heck….couldn’t go to sleep early last night because I’m so used to working on the computer until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning but I think after a couple of days of this and I’ll readjust. So, the fact is that Drew [...]


You may recognize this little cutie from some previous blog posts. In the past I’ve included some pictures that he was in with his mom and dad and this time Mr. Adorable had some pictures done with his 2 aunts. Aunts that totally adore him I might add. When his aunt contacted me about the [...]

Miss Tatiana

She is the quickest and most articulate little girl ever. We were doing her 2-year-old pictures and she had me so entertained. I showed my husband pictures of her and we laughed because in almost all of the pictures you can tell that she’s running…and usually away from me. She even told me “no more [...]

Hangin’ with our bff’s!

I knew I’d never get these pictures blogged if I didn’t just stick them in a quick collage.

Even though it’s Galveston, it’s a beach with sand and waves and the kids had a great time! They had an even better time at Moody Gardens but I didn’t have my camera out for that.


Mr. Sweet

This 15-month old is so super-sweet. He’s mild mannered and even though the photo shoot was close to his bed time he did really great!

I don’t have a lot to say tonight because I’m tired from an exhausting day. Here’s some highlights:

-had Drew’s 4-yr-check up and if you’ve been through this then you [...]

Seriously…3 little models

These are the daughters of my good friend, Pilar, and I get to see them and do pictures usually once or twice a year. I always look forward to it because they LOVE to pose. Well, ok, her youngest maybe wasn’t into posing…she was more into running and talking, but she was adorable too!


Almost 1

Mr. P was not giving up many smiles this day but thankfully we ended up catching some. And most important we caught his open-mouth phase that he is going through and that his parents adore. Don’t believe me — just check out the 3rd picture:)

His little toesies were digging themselves down [...]

Expecting Twins

Yep, that’s right…twins, a boy and a girl. I’m so excited for them! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek.