Big Brown Eyes

We got more serious gazes from her than we did smiles, but I still think she looks adorable…serious or not.The really cool thing about this photoshoot was that this was a friend that I went to school with and had not seen in at least a decade. We were able to take pictures of her [...]

My newborn model has gotten big

Here he is as a newborn. Hasn’t he gotten that “little boy” look now?This little guy is on my website and business card as a newborn…Wow, has he gotten big. And so handsome. I had a hard time narrowing these down, but had to include the profile pic for you Russell. Hope you guys enjoy [...]

Gorgeous Mom-To-Be

We had so much fun with these. She was game for any and everything. I kept telling her that these were going to look like modeling shots and not maternity shots…she looks so great and tiny. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek.


Fun Family Shoot

I just loved the way this family was coordinated clothing-wise. I usually like to throw in some B&W pics, but I’m having a really hard time taking the color away from these. I’ll include one just for kicks. This family looked so amazing for their pictures and were still game for getting down on the [...]