Sweet Newborn Boy

He was just as sweet as he looks. He slept good, gave us some smiles, and posed like a champ. I think he’s absolutely precious and he gave me my baby fix until the next newborn:) Thanks for your patience…hope you enjoy!


Adorable Mr. T

Oh my goodness..is he not the cutest thing ever with that huge toothy smile and sparkly eyes??!! We weren’t sure how long he was going to last but with the time that he did give us he was great. Hope you enjoy his pics…sorry you had to wait for them!


Senior 2011

We got back yesterday from an amazing week in Rosemary Beach in Florida. We met up with some of our best friends, shared a beach house, and made lots of wonderful memories. We’re already planning for next year:)

I tried to tie up all the loose ends before I left but it just didn’t [...]

Mommy/Daughter shoot

I wish I would have done this when my girls were younger. Not too sure if they’d go for it now:) These 2 had a lot of fun with each other giggling, posing, tickling each other, and dressing up. And if they look familiar it’s because we just did their family shoot outdoors last month. [...]

Little Princess…

that LOVES to play dress up. She had 2 suitcases full of dress up clothes with all the accessories and she loved to go through them. Mom is expecting another baby so we got some maternity pics at the same time. She looks GREAT as a pregnant mama-to–be. Hope you enjoy your peek:)


The S Family

Another very, very busy little girl but her cuteness made up for the chasing we did:) She is extremely affectionate and took to Cassidy immediately. So much so that she didn’t want to be away from her for her pictures. I thought we were going to have to have Cassidy in their family pics! Eventually, [...]

Miss E & Miss B

I think I’m going to have to hand over the title of Miss Busy to this little sister. She was so quick and good at not looking towards me. She was a new walker when I last saw her and not very mobile but that has changed!

Both sisters have the most gorgeous eyes [...]

The C Family…

and an invention. When we thought their little girl, Miss A, was all out of smiles Great Grandma came up with a new invention that had us all rolling with laughter (and it worked)!! It was pretty funny because I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on behind me so when I turned around [...]

Miss D

She was an absolute doll! This is one of those posts where I have to swear that I didn’t do anything to enhance her eyes….they are that gorgeous all on their own.

I’m trying to put up a ton of sneak peeks before I take some vacation time so there may not be lots of [...]

Family of Five

This family came up with doing the session at the location where they got married. I was so excited to see green, green grass and blooming flowers since it hasn’t rained in so long and everything looks brown and is dying. It was such a beautiful area. Their kiddos were so well-behaved and game for [...]