Give me a field

anyday! I have just totally found my “thing”. I still love to do high key studio shots, but truly when I have a client that wants to do outdoor shots (especially in my field. Ok, it’s not really MINE, but I feel like it is, hee hee) I am SOOOOO excited. This most recent shoot [...]

My favorite so far…

Just wanted to share my favorite picture so far while I’m proofing this session. Three adorable girly-girls. We had a blast. There’ll be lots more to share soon.:)

It’s only been 6 months

since I took the tutu pics of Cass, but she looks SO much older to me. Her baby teeth have started to loosen and come out and it’s making her look like she’s in that next stage. KWIM?? Anyway, here’s some favs from our 5-year-old photoshoot and then some from last week to compare from. [...]

Just a cool pic

Thanks to my good friend, Debra(thanks girl haha), my daughters now know what Webkinz are and are fast driving me CRAZY about them. Here’s Cass with her favorite uncle, Travis, and her very 1st Webkinz (that she named Beachey??). Thought this looked kind of cool.


A Very Happy Day

Here’s a couple peeks from this past Saturday. 7/7/07-Yup, my best friend in the whole world got married. I can’t get over how happy she looked. She was literally glowing!! It was set to be an outdoor wedding but the rain washed us all into a huge tent that they had for the reception. It [...]

My 4th of July post

I did another advertisement photoshoot for a resale shop that was a back-to-school and 4th of July theme. The sun was still bright but these girls were so great and easy to work with.