A Precious Baby Girl

I was pretty excited to meet this little sweet pea. You can’t tell from these pictures but she has the big adorable dimples just like big sis. Congrats C family!


Little Miss Serious

This little girlie would not give up the smiles but her eye contact makes her gorgeous just the same.


Playing Shy

This little guy was playing hard to get with his smiles! He would just stare at me. I would love to know what he was thinking about the crazy lady with the black thing in front of her face. Or maybe I don’t:) Papa was in town and was able to jump in a few [...]

Colton 1 year

Okay, so take a look at that first picture…is he not adorable?? His mom found a new location for us to try and it was perfect. Thanks for the find! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek of pics:)


One Year

This little guy has changed a lot since I saw him for his newborn pictures. While I went through his pictures one thing that I noticed was that this boy has a lot of different smiles. He had a closed mouth smile, a cute little smirky smile, a big open mouth smile, a scrunched up [...]

Little Heartbreaker

I hadn’t seen this little guy since his newborn pics. He’s now 5 months and his eyes were sooooo blue!


Brothers, Green Grass and Football

This is one of my favorite locations in the winter because there is a large section of green (and I mean GREEN) grass. It’s so green that I actually have to tone it down on the computer because most viewers would think “Wow, she really over-saturated that green grass”! This family was wonderful! The boys [...]

Baby B

This little guy was the first newborn shoot of 2011 and I was ready! I hadn’t worked with a newborn in weeks and was missing my sweet baby fill. He didn’t want to sleep for a while but decided that it wasn’t worth the fight and gave it up for some super sleepy poses. Hope [...]