New little peanut

Another precious little boy. He was pretty little but fully awake for the majority of the time. Once we were outdoors he snoozed away. I loved some of his looks. It was almost as though he tolerated all of the poses so we could just be done and he could go home. Hope you enjoy [...]

In Awe

I really admire these two. He is in the military and will be leaving this Wednesday for a year. I’m so thankful to him and to every single person that serves our Country. And then the spouses and families that are left behind. It takes a special strength to live this life. I can only [...]

Speed Racer & His Sister

I’m calling it now. Mr. Taft here is going to be the next big name in the racing world! He lives on our street and anything with wheels and he’s on it and he’s going f a s t! I mean FAST. And he’s been like that for as long as I can remember. Luckily, [...]

1st Senior of 2009

Not often. Hardly ever…that a senior boy is so easy to work with. These were his senior/head shot pictures for some future things he may be doing. You may wonder if there are any of him smiling…and there are, but I am just drawn to the serious ones. (I did throw a couple of happy-face [...]

Japanese Gardens

Here’s another super photogenic family. There’s so many pictures of everyone looking and smiling…I had such a hard time narrowing it down. We met at the Japanese Gardens and although parking is a little bit of an issue the Gardens offer lots of photo ops. (Except for the group of people that decided to take [...]

Why Ask Why

Ok…I have 3 kids…AND I know they all go through this, but Drew is in the Why, Mom? phase and it is driving me batty!!

Why do puppies have sharp teeth?Why do cars live in garages?Why do we live in a house?Why do lions have tails?Why do the girls have school tomorrow?Why does the [...]

I adore these 2

for several reasons. One, we had so much fun on our three, yes three, photo shoots. The first time we lasted about 20 minutes and decided that the weather — mainly gusts of 30 mph wind — was not going to cooperate. The next time we had a blast but I was a little unhappy [...]

100% Pure Sweetness

is what she was. She was just so laid back and happy. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek:)


Family Shoot

I’m usually mostly a color picture kind of girl, but my friend Jennifer here is 99.9% a B&W picture kind of girl…so here you go:) Hope you enjoy!

Ok, ok, I had to throw in a couple of colored pictures:)


Part 2, Cosmo, and a special leaf

This is crazy…I’m sitting here and I can hear my kiddos playing the wii. There wouldn’t be anything wrong at all with their joyous, playful sounds except….except that it’s 11:30 at night and they should really be in bed. The problem is that neither my husband nor myself are bedtime sticklers. When some of our [...]