I’m gonna go broke from…

bribing my girls the way I have been the last couple of nights. I love for them to play with my hair and especially while I’m sitting at the computer working. Mackenzie started her own “Hair Style Shop” and I’ve been taking advantage. Tonight I called her and said, “I’d like to have my hair [...]

Email Issues

I had someone a couple of weeks ago that said they had emailed and I never received it. Then yesterday and today there have been 3 more. So, I guess I’m having email problems. If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded within 24 hours please shoot me another one. THANKS!

Superbaby and the song …

I can’t get out of my head. Isn’t he adorable? Kelli and her family drove quite a ways for our photoshoot(thanks guys!) and it was getting close to Mr. Case’s bed time. Poor thing, he was ready to call it a day and we were doing everything (especially his aunt) to get some happy pictures. [...]

This time last week…

we had a naked baby outside in a basket. And tonight I froze my bootie off at an outdoor shoot. My van said it was just 60 but it felt freezing! (Before you think I’m a major wheenie there was a really strong wind along with the lowered temps).

This precious little girl’s parents were [...]

Senior Session

She chose the coolest location for pictures. This place is mostly used for weddings and they have lots of indoor and outdoor spaces to work with. The indoor areas are mainly decorated with unique-looking antiques. She has the most gorgeous skin and eyes and definitely knew how to work the poses! Hope you enjoy!


Permission Granted

The owner of the stables was here this time so I was able to ask if it was ok to do pictures here. She was super nice and said sure. Logan was a little unsure of the horses so he was attached to his mom quite a bit but still gave me a huge variety [...]

I can’t believe…

that I’ve done 3 posts in one day. It’s a miracle!

Sofia was as sweet as can be. I could not get enough of her with her doll and her little toothy smile. I remember the days of just me, my husband, and our first child. It was such a special time with just our [...]

Mr. Speeeeeeeddddyyyy!

You know how normally when you take consecutive pictures that if you were to click through them quickly it would almost look like a video…well, with Mr. Koehl’s (aka Mr. Speedy) pictures it would be the most confusing video ever. While I flipped through his pictures on the computer (in consecutive order that they were [...]

Sweet Little Guy

It wasn’t too long ago that I posted maternity pictures of this family of 2. Now little Preston is here and they’re a family of 3. He was sooo sweet and completely adored by his parents and grandparents. It was really hard to narrow these down because we did so many different things with him [...]

3 x’s a Bust

(Foreshadowing) Note to future clients: You probably shouldn’t trust me to pick the locations:)

Lately a lot of people have just said “Why don’t you pick the location. You probably know the good spots.” Which is exactly what Mr. Logan’s family did. So, since I’ve been going to a lot of the same places [...]