Hot Mama-to-Be

I had so much fun with these 2. She seemed a little more reserved when taking her maternity pictures, but once we got out the fan and her hair started blowing she seemed to turn into a super-hot-confident-mom-to-be. I love that. I think expectant moms are always so gorgeous and it’s great to have a [...]

Hot…but fun

They told me about how they met on a boat and how they wanted their engagement pictures to reflect this. We decided to head down to an area where lots and lots of boats are kept. And we were hoping that someone would feel generous and let us take some pictures on or around their [...]

Does anyone know…

why cats meow or scratch at the door to come in only to look at you when you open it? Or take their precious time actually making it through the door? Just wondering.

These parents-to-be were so adorable. I could see how much they adored each other and I know they’re going to be awesome [...]

Another newborn cutie

I was returning a phone call. Paige had left a message about setting up a newborn shoot for after she had the baby on that coming Monday(this was the Friday before). She left her home and cell number. I called her home, no answer. So, I tried her cell phone. Her husband answered and told [...]

Brotherhood of the traveling sweater

I can’t remember the exact story with the black sweater but I do know 1)no one specifically owns this sweater 2)a few different people have had it in their possession 3)when he graduates he intends to make sure the sweater stays in the drama department at school. Kind of a cool story and the Sisterhood [...]


I walked in and there he was smiling at me. So adorable! He was the happiest, smiliest(sp?–you get my drift) little boy.

Ok, so not in this picture…(but I do love his Gilligan hat)

or even this one…

a little here…


not yet…(although he was blowing bubbles at me)

or here either…

but [...]

Anything with a ball

That was the answer his mom gave when I asked what Mason’s interests are. She said skateboarding and any sport with a ball(except tennis). And I’ll bet that he’d be really good at that, too. Total boy.

Here on the homefront I’m getting totally overwhelmed with kiddos that need to go back to school and [...]

Ice cream, bubble gum, M&M’s…

Just these words brought about big smiles and adorable little smirks. She has the bluest eyes and the tanest skin. Such a gorgeous combination! AND she adores, I mean really, really adores her big brother. And the cool thing is that he adores her back. Enjoy guys!


My Awesome Neighbors

Five years ago we had a new house built in a newly developed neighborhood hoping to settle in with other new, friendly people. For some reason our particular street seemed to be one where most of the people kept to themselves. Sure, there was the friendly wave and a few neighbors would visit, but overall, [...]

Horses, and cats, and Texas, oh my!

This was another 1st birthday shoot. Unfortunately, Tatiana wasn’t acting herself this day. Which I swear always happens. It’s like the law of gravity — only it’s the law of my-child-is-going-to-end-up-with-a(insert cut, bruise, rash, sickness, etc…)-this-day because this is the day we’ve planned and prepared for. It always happens. I know because it always happens [...]