Sweet Baby M

LOVE that I’ve been a part of seeing this family grow from two, to three, to now four. It seems like I just did their maternity pictures from their first daughter….how time flies! Their older daughter was seriously cracking me up. She’s in the “no” phase. Would you like to sit here? No. Can I [...]

Miss C

She is absolutely as cute, sweet and adorable as she looks! She was so good for me and we were done in like 45 minutes. Good thing because this was the 2nd shoot that I did on the super hot day! It was also one of the shoots that has been re-scheduled about 5 times [...]

Expectant momma and big-sister-to-be

I thought this mom-to-be looked magnificent! Such a nice family and I loved everything about hanging with them except the heat! I had 2 sessions back-to-back this day in the am but afterwards said that that would probably be the last mid-day shoot for months! It was hot, hot, hot. And the funniest part of [...]

I brought home…

some new props. If you’ve read my blog much you’ll know that I’m completely out of room for more props. AND my husband stresses this ALL.THE.TIME. But, the problem is that I’ve wanted to use these for years and knew that I had this shoot with 2 teen sisters coming up and knew it would [...]

No Matter What….

….she looked amazing. In jeans and t-shirt or in her prom dress. Smiling or not smiling. In color or when I change the picture to B&W. I had so much fun hanging with her and her mom and sister….so much fun that I think I caused her cheeks to have permanent damage from all the [...]

In Love

Weddings just aren’t my thing….but engagements.I.LOVE! And these two are so in love and were adorable together. They started out a little nervous but within a few minutes were complete naturals and their adoration for each other just showed. Thanks for letting me capture your love before the wedding! I had a blast and wish [...]

Bluest Eyes Ever and The Chicken is Baaaacccckk

I didn’t think that anyone could have bluer (is that spelled right?) eyes than Miss A until last week when I saw her younger sister. I think Miss E’s eyes may be even a little bluer. If you don’t believe me just look at these pictures. My pictures that come straight out of the camera….no [...]

Four Months Old

I just realized that this cutie has a hat on in every single picture except one. I guess I should have titled the post “Mr. Hats”. He is sooooo cute and very much ready to get on the move. When his momma had him standing up he was practically running away. Hope you enjoy your [...]


These cousins (brother & sister / big sis & lil’ sis) got along so well. The older girls are within weeks of age of each other and you could tell that they will grow up super close.

The mom of the littlest one was hoping that she’d be sitting up by the time of [...]

For A Little While…

he was super shy, hanging on to mom or dad’s leg. But once he warmed up to me and found that he really, really liked Cassidy (my daughter and assistant for the day) then he was busy and independent. When I looked through the pictures afterward I noticed that he was running in a ton [...]