When Miss K got out of the vehicle in her dress, boots and headband I got so excited. She is so photogenic! The last time we did pictures was indoors and I couldn’t wait to get some of her adorable attitude and cool attire in outdoor pictures. Her little brother, Mr. C, was so good, [...]

Clear Brook Senior 2011

Within the first few minutes of meeting this gorgeous senior I had decided that she was probably a tomboy. Her first outfit was jeans and top and then I found out she was going to college in Arkansas to play soccer. BUT as soon as she changed into her dresses it was apparent that she [...]

Happily Married

They’ve been married 10+ years but had never had any real pictures taken in their wedding attire so we headed out to the park with their dog baby, Buddy. Buddy looks a LOT like my dog, Chips, except much better behaved! You guys were a joy to work with. Tell Buddy I said hello:)


Senior ’11

I love her style. She said she’s more of a dress girl and I think she looks so pretty in her dresses with her perfect poise. And I’m so jealous…she has the most perfect skin! I had a lot of fun doing this shoot with you Miss C. Hope you enjoy the peek:)


Little Brother, Big Sister

This location was the absolute most gorgeous hidden diamond in the area. Thanks so much to the family that let us use it!!

This little guy was the cute little pumpkin baby from the blog back in October. He looks the same although a little bigger but he is now on the move and [...]

Friendswood Senior 2011

Cosmo the dog decided to wake me up to go outside. Surprisingly I couldn’t go back to sleep (while Cosmo sits by me snoozing away) so I decided what better thing to do than get a head start on Friday’s list of to-dos.

This is a 2011 senior that was super photogenic. She really wanted [...]

Miss E

These were her 13 year pictures. She is normally not a dress-wearing getting-all-dolled-up type of girl so she was a little unsure about how this would go but I think she did awesome and looks gorgeous. Most certainly more gorgeous than I was as a 13-year-old! I had fun Miss E and hope you did [...]

The N Family

A couple of memorable things from this photo shoot. First, when we got to the location we heard an alarm off in the distance. I thought an ambulance was going to drive by but I realized that the sound never got closer. After it had been going for a while I asked them if they [...]

Mr. L…aka Moose

Here’s Moose again. He’s my niece’s favorite little “boy” friend that she’s known almost since birth. They go to daycare together and both of them light up when I say the other ones name.

He’s such a good little photo subject. I have a canvas in my computer room of him smiling as a [...]

Mr. Z – Newborn Boy

This precious newborn boy was the complete opposite from the newborn the day before. He was 4 or 5 lbs heavier, had some adorable chunkiness going on, showed his eyes and made eye contact a lot.

One of the things I love about my job is getting to know the kids and the families. [...]