The N Family

A couple of memorable things from this photo shoot. First, when we got to the location we heard an alarm off in the distance. I thought an ambulance was going to drive by but I realized that the sound never got closer. After it had been going for a while I asked them if they thought we had set off an alarm. Surely not because it sounded like it was at a building down and on the other side. And it went off the entire time we were there. But… soon as we moved way down the street it stopped! So much for that alarm being any good because no one ever showed up to check out what had set it off.

The next thing, and graceful I am not, was when my shoe caught on a small fence that we had to step over and I ate it. It happened pretty fast but I can remember all the things I was thinking as it happened….catch your balance, pull your shoe free, it’s only a little fence, it would be so embarrassing to fall, why can’t I just lean the other way so I don’t fall backwards…but there I went! And they were so kind asking if I was okay and helping me up.

Thank you N family for a wonderful and adventurous shoot:) Hope you enjoy your peek.

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