Park Pictures

Hands down that this family had a much rougher time than I did at this session. There were ants (lots of ants), heat and humidity, a very tired little girl who hadn’t taken a nap, and a little boy who got in a funk after the ants attacked him. You can’t blame him though. And [...]

Dimples, Teeth & Lots of Smiles

Aren’t they adorable? When my girls found out I was having a photo session with twins they both begged to help. And so they went with me and instantly fell in love with these 2. On the way home they couldn’t quit talking about them…about how they liked their names, how adorable they were, and [...]

My Weekend at the Lake

We got back yesterday from a long weekend at the lake. We go every year for my husband’s grandfather’s birthday. It’s a lot of fun. There are lots of boats, jet skis, fish frys, games, and there’s been bands and karaoke. There is one large 2-story cabin that sleeps lots of people, lots of small [...]

August Beach Session

This mom really wanted a session full of shots of the family having fun, interacting. I love this…it’s exactly what I asked for with our photographer at our family session in February. And hands down those shots are some of my favorites! Their youngest son was so funny. He didn’t really want to be posed [...]

Water Bottle Fun

I think he is so handsome with his little boy haircut and charming smile. His mom had a spray bottle that had water in it and once he got a hold of it he did not want to give it up. He would spray himself in the face and just laugh. I never thought of [...]

New Trick

I have about 200 pictures that document Mr. W’s new trick. It was him sticking out his tongue every time he smiled. And the more his parents tried to get him to not stick out his tongue it seemed like he did. Little rebel already:) Loved his serenade with the guitar, his smiling, happy eyes, [...]

Miss K and family

Precious newborn and her family. When she was asleep she was really out and very cooperative:) I’m running out the door for a session so not too many words…I know you guys are anxious to see something:) Hope you enjoy:)



People that are in front of the camera usually need a little direction or help on poses…um, not this girl. I quickly realized that she totally knew what she was doing and had said that she had had to take some classes in posing for the print modeling that she does. I was really impressed! [...]

Baby Boy

I was able to meet this family halfway when we did their maternity shoot (back on a hot day in May where I declared that I wasn’t doing anymore mid-day shoots because of the heat!) but they drove across Houston for the newborn pictures….thanks guys:)

He was so precious. His eyes are so bright so [...]

So Sweet

I’ve worked with this brown-eyed beauty twice now and she is so happy and smiles all the time. She has the best personality and you can tell that her family adores her. Her little boyfriend even showed up for the shoot and she was adorable trying to look around me to him. They were so [...]