My Weekend at the Lake

We got back yesterday from a long weekend at the lake. We go every year for my husband’s grandfather’s birthday. It’s a lot of fun. There are lots of boats, jet skis, fish frys, games, and there’s been bands and karaoke. There is one large 2-story cabin that sleeps lots of people, lots of small cabins, people bring campers and the number of people has gone higher every year. This was the 8th year and I think the final count was like 147 people. A couple of years ago we found a horse ranch a couple of miles away that has about 8 rooms to stay at that included horseback riding, a pool, a petting zoo, and beautiful scenery. We thought we were so clever that for about the same price we were staying somewhere bigger and nicer than down at the lake. So, we kept it on the down low:)

Last year there was a new owner at the ranch and the petting zoo and horseback riding was gone. Fine…it’s still nicer than the super small cabins at the lake:) Fast forward to this year. There is someone new leasing the ranch. There is supposed to be horseback riding (if the head lady is there…which she mostly wasn’t). The pool is yucky. There are a few animals in the back where the petting zoo used to be. And anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge animal lover. In fact, we rescued a kitten from the lake a few years ago. Well, this weekend I found one animal that I’m not such a fan of. A rooster. And this rooster happens to be in a pen that is about 10 feet directly from our back windows. I’ve heard about roosters crowing but until you’ve experienced one practically in your room then you just don’t know! He started at 5am on the dot. I thought they just crowed for a little bit. Well, apparently I don’t know much about roosters because at 9am he was still making noise….every couple of minutes. As I lay in bed I wondered who would possibly keep a rooster right behind the rooms that they rent out. And if there was ever a few minutes that went by that he didn’t make noise then I found myself waiting the see when he would do it again. Stupid.freaking.rooster…congratulations on being the one animal in this world that I don’t want to see again!!! Other than the green pool and our friend the rooster we had a great time. We’re all a little red and worn out but so glad to celebrate another year with Chad’s grandparents and other relatives.

Now onto these adorable kids. It’s been about a year since I’ve seen them and little miss has gotten quite a bit bigger and a lot quicker. Her brother is still the best posing boy ever and so helpful. He helps corral her and helps to elicit smiles. Thanks Mr. J!


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