You know that shoot of my kids I mentioned…

Not my favorite, but I do like that it shows how long her hair has gotten.Well, I did try. Just not very successful at it. I hit Cassidy up first, bribing her with ice cream. She was all over that…until I asked her to wear some new boot-shoe thingies. She loved them, but didn’t want [...]

Miss Z

Have you ever known those people that look really good when they’re serious? Well, that’s what I think of when I take pictures of “Z”. She looks great smiling, but I also really like the pictures where she has a serious look and just connects with the camera.

I’ve been noticing that I’m falling [...]

Smiles Galore

The last time I photographed Miss “S” she was a bit fussy. This time she was nothing but smiles. So cute and fun to work with!! And I always love her fashionista clothes.

Update on the website: it’s about 70% done. YEAH!


Another gorgeous mom-to-be

It was so apparent that this couple is so in love and excited for the new baby. I had fun taking these, and I really hope you enjoy your sneak peek.



It was definitely a total-hectic chaotic down-to-the-minute countdown to Christmas. Between shoots, orders, Christmas shopping, and some strange illnesses that my son came across my December just flew by. In mid-December my 2.5 year old woke up one morning and crawled to me. I thought he was playing. When we would try and stand him [...]