Sweet Baby R


K & C

Woodrow and His Humans

Both Woodrow the dog and his human brother, Wyatt, are beyond adorable. Wyatt smiled from the minute I walked up to him for easily over an hour plus. You can’t beat a wonderful family, a very happy little boy with dimples, and a just-groomed easygoing dog. It was great to meet all of you!!


Time Flies!

I worked at the YMCA eons ago and this sweet momma went to the after school program there. And look at her now…a husband and 3 kids. Talk about making me feel old!! Love that they included their fur baby in their family session.


10 on Friday

1. Horses are one of my favorite animals so when I was contacted to do this photo session I was excited!

2. I think I’ve mentioned it before but when I was about 20 I went to the bank and got a loan, bought a horse and found stables to keep him at all without [...]