He’s keeping tradition going…

with the leg lifts. Check out his newborn feet picture from his newborn shoot. It was so cute how he lifted his tiny newborn legs the first time and really humorous to see he’s still at it. He has to have some major stomach muscles.

When his momma contacted me the first time regarding maternity [...]

Mr. L

Ok, thanks to my niece for going and having a baby and making me feel OLD!!! They are in town visiting and I’m so glad we were able to sneak in a little photo session with her precious son. He is too adorable for words. HUGE, blue, blue, blue eyes and the cutest smile. He [...]

Rainy Day Maternity Shoot

Normally I would re-schedule a shoot when it rains but I had already driven about an hour to get there (stuck in afternoon traffic) and then with a maternity shoot you are already on a time constraint. It started raining shortly before I got to their home and I was praying that it would stop [...]

A Big Ol’ Smile…

and gorgeous eyes, too. Poor little guy fell down hard enough to cry before I was even able to take the first picture. Luckily, he was able to get over it pretty quickly and then give lots of smiles. Hope you enjoy your peek:)


Engagement Pictures

Super easy-going couple. Amazing location. Gorgeous evening light. If only the mosquitoes hadn’t tried to carry us away it would have been totally perfect. They’ve known each other a long time and it showed and made for some great posing. He likes to give her a hard time…in his own loving way and she playfully [...]

Newborn girl and her family

I was pretty happy to see a newborn. It’s been awhile and I’m sure this means there are more on the way…because you know I have a theory that they come in waves. She was really sweet and sleepy and once you got her to sleep she was OUT. Gotta love that. It was great [...]

Galveston Beach Pics

….with one of my favorite families. Lucky for me I’ve gotten to work with them several times a year and watch their girls grow and their personalities flourish. They’re beautiful and I love their serious faces as much as I do their smiles. Hoped you enjoyed your time at the beach:)


A super, super, super fun family

Can you tell that they’re fun??? And that they enjoy being goofy and playing around together. I love that. Mom says that the kids do argue with each other but all I saw was a good time together. And they brought their 13-year-old dog. He was pretty chilled out for his short time in the [...]

So Adorable

I hadn’t seen this little guy since his newborn pictures. I took my first quick look and thought that he didn’t really look like his older sister like I thought he would. Well, it only took a couple of minutes to realize that he does look like her. And the more I was with him [...]

Chicken Soup for My Soul comes from….

my job.

This session was scheduled several months in advance when their family would all be together. The day before the session I found out that my mom’s heart was only working at 25% and she would need an internal defibrillator put in the very next day. This was the day that I was supposed [...]